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6 Colourful Puertorrican Expressions

Puerto Rico Expressions

A special kind of learning takes place when you see a country through the eyes of a local guide. As I toured Puerto Rico with Ana Dapena, her pride and enthusiasm were infectious. Along the way, I learned some colourful expressions that added to my travel experience (all family approved).

“Cuando Colón baje el dedo.”
When Columbus puts his finger down. Compares to: when hell freezes over.

“Ese huevo quiere sal.”
That egg wants salt. That person has a hidden agenda or is up to something.

“A lo hecho, pecho.”
If you’re going to make a mistake, at least do it with a proud chest.

“Me lo da en arroz y habichuelas.”
Tell me in rice and beans. Or, dumb it down; give it to me in layman’s terms.

“Sudando la gota gorda.”
I’m sweating a big fat drop. Compares to: sweating like a pig.

“Puse cara de cabro degollado.”
To give the face of a slaughtered animal in order to illicit pity from someone.

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