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App for That Beef Tail


The App: Wagyu beef tail, mission figs, pistachios and demi glace.

Jameson’s Pick: 2009 Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha.

When you add sweet figs to expertly grilled beef, I crave a wine loaded with rich red fruit. I liken Spanish Grenache (“Garnacha”) to a super-charged Côtes du Rhône, plenty of muscle to handle bold and broad flavours. Not feeling so fancy? Make it a burger with fig jam and bacon along with this juicy red.


About Jameson Fink

After dabbling in the food and wine industry in Chicago, Jameson Fink moved to Seattle in 2004 to pursue his passion for wine. He has years of experience in the retail wine business and is a featured contributor to Foodista.

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