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Lisa Diamond and Shira Wood

About Lisa Diamond and Shira Wood

Since opening Art Interiors in 1993, Lisa and Shira have a built solid reputation among art collectors and decorators as an excellent source for work by young as well as established artists.

In Praise of Small Sized Art

art interiors2

Dabble is enthusiastic about lots of different design events. To honor the spirit of the upcoming Annual Festival of Smalls at Art Interiors, here are some great tips to help you display your small finds.

1- Group different mediums of art with framed and unframed pieces to create an eclectic look. For added interest, hang objects between art.

art interiors1

2- Don’t be afraid to add or rearrange your collection. Small pieces are easy to move around as your collection grows.

3- Art doesn’t have to be hung on walls. Place art on bookshelves, side tables or on a console table.

4- Layer a vignette by pairing art with other objects, sculptures and accessories.


5- Buy friends and family art for special occasions. Small art is usually affordable, versatile and easy to place.

Dabble Savvy: Sign the back side of the piece so they’ll remember the giver and the occasion for years to come.

6- If you’re new to buying art, why not start small? It’s less of a commitment and helps you determine your tastes and style.

Don’t miss Art Interiors’ 21st Annual Festival of Smalls Exhibition with over 50 artists. Mediums include, photography, oil paintings, silkscreens, etching, mixed media and collages. Prices range between from $55 to $250.

Art Interiors’ 21st Annual Festival of Smalls
Saturday, November 8th – Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 8th at 10:00 am

Original Art for Your Child’s Room

Buy original art for your child’s bedroom, workspace or playroom and surround them with a lifetime of inspiration while supporting fine artists.

Here are tips for choosing original art for a child’s room:
– Encourage your children to express their own passions through art; if your daughter or son is a sports enthusiast, why not hang up original works that are hockey or baseball themed?

– Select abstract art, because it can be playful, whimsical and provide colour and energy to a child’s space.


– Involve your children in the process of purchasing art for their room. Children’s reactions are visceral and they will often surprise you with how sophisticated their tastes are. Since they are the ones living with the piece, let them be a part of choosing it.

– Avoid buying baby themed art. Purchase art that they can grow up with and take from childhood to their first home.

– Group original works of art with your children’s art for an eclectic and playful look.

– If your children become interested in art at a young age, why not mark special occasions by buying them art? Think of how quickly their collection will grow.


What’s Trending in the Art World

From mediums, to subject matter and hanging styles, here are just a few trends we’ve been noticing in the art world.

Photography continues to be prominently displayed on condo walls, in hotel lobbies and office spaces. Especially fashionable are large, colourful works that exude a sleek and contemporary feel, in line with a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Scenes of urban decay, cinematic dreamscapes or landscapes are particularly trendy.

Maureen O'Connor, photograph

Photograph by Maureen O’Connor


New Media Art (Art + Technology)
The use of technology as subject matter and/or medium is omnipresent in the art world. Digital art, virtual art, internet art, multi-sensory and multi-media installations, even video games, have taken over the art world. Mixed media works that employ manipulated digital images combined with other mediums like paint, pencil or resin are also very fashionable.

David Trautrimas, digital photograph

Digital photograph by David Trautrimas


Resin is a trendy medium that many artists are adopting. Pouring resin onto panels or canvases gives the artwork a thick, glossy, modern surface. No matter if the work is a collage, photograph, digital work or painting, a resin coat provides a clean, contemporary and cool surface.

Aaron Jones, mixed media

Mixed media by Aaron Jones


Urban or Street Art
The aesthetics of street art are now widely celebrated in mainstream culture. Characteristically colourful, graphic, raw, energetic and immediate, graffiti and street art have moved from the sides of buildings in alleyways, on to canvases in private residences. Banksy is often credited with breaking down the walls between street art and high art.

Matthew Catalano, digital image

Digital Image by Matthew Catalano


Salon ­Style Hanging

Finally, a popular form of display, which actually has its roots in French salons of the 18th century, is the salon style display of hanging works of art. Filling a wall with an eclectic grouping, by arranging pieces together, no matter their colour, size, theme or media, breaks the monotony and adds interest to any space.