About Dee Brun

Dee is a self-proclaimed cocktail, entertaining and vodka know-it-all. Go ahead… just ask her! Award-winning author, cocktail stylist, TV personality, humorist and wanna be foodie.

Snowshoe Hot Toddy


Recipe by Dee Brun

The Dabble gang know exactly how to throw the perfect snowshoe party. And a cool party needs a warm drink.


1 oz white creme de cacao
1 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
4 oz hot chocolate
1 can whipped cream
Sprinkles (optional)


In a thermos, add creme de cacao, raspberry liqueur and hot chocolate. Shake well, pour into a glass and top with whipped cream. Add sprinkles for a festive touch.



Sweet Dreams Spritzer


Recipe by Dee Brun

Tonight, the girls are staying in. Watch chick flicks, wear face masks and catch up on gossip…oh, and have a Sweet Dream Spritzer too!


* 1 oz Vodka
* 1/2 oz Raspberry Liqueur
* 1/2 oz Pomegranate Liqueur
* 2 oz white grape juice
* 4 oz Yellowglen Pink


Combine vodka, liqueurs and white grape juice with ice and shake well.
Strain into an 8 oz martini glass and top with Yellowglen Pink.


Read more about Dabble’s Pajama Party, check out: Pajama Party, Issue 4 Sept/Oct 2011.

Entertain Me: Tailgate Party

“I may be a Deeva, but I loves me some baseball,” says Dabble’s Cocktail Deeva, Dee Brun.

I’ve played softball every year since I was three years old. That’s about 22 years if you’re counting, wink. The best part of any sporting event is hanging out with teammates after the game. A tailgate party takes your next sporting event from base hit to homerun.

Start with an outta-the-park invitation. How about an invite that looks like a sporting event ticket? They are easy to make on websites like Special Event Ticketing. Or, build anticipation, by sending a baseball to each invitee with party details written on the ball.

Baseball may be as American as apple pie, but for me it means hot dogs on the menu. Schneider’s hot dogs are always crowd pleasers, especially topped with mustard, ketchup and relish. The most important tool at the party is the grill. Coleman’s Paul Jr. Grill is large enough to feed all your guests in a quick time frame, and easy to transport. for drinks, think outside the same old beer case. Get creative with one of the new micro brews like Innis & Gunn or mix it up with a variety of killer coolers from Blackfly, we love the blueberry flavour.

Entertain me3

If you’re planning your tailgate party in a public park or outside a sports venue such as an arena, be sure to check city codes regarding alcohol and open grills. If there’s an actual game component, try and have the after party nearby or onsite, although a private backyard makes a great setting too.

With invites, food and venue determined you’re nearly to home base. But let’s face it, a tailgate party needs…a tailgate. The bed of a bright red GMC pickup truck underscores the party theme and provides a generous surface for the food and bar. It also makes a great backdrop to photos



Meet the signature drink of our Dabble launch party, created by Cocktail Deeva, Dee Brun. Enjoy!


1 oz Skyy Vodka
2 oz White Grape Juice
Dash of orange bitters
1 ounce soda water
Fresh rosemary


Muddle rosemary with vodka. Pour into shaker with all ingredients except soda. Shake well and strain into a martini glass, top with soda and garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary.

To see photos from the Launch Party, visit: Dabble Launch Party, Issue 2 May/Jun 2011

Big Blind Bellini

Big Blind Belini

Recipe by Dee Brun


2 oz Hpnotiq*
2 oz pineapple juice
1 oz Champagne or sparkling wine
1 cup crushed ice


Mix Hpnotiq, pineapple juice and ice in blender until smooth. Pour into glasses and top with Champagne or sparkling wine.

*Hpnotiq is a blend of vodka, cognac and tropical fruit juices.

Entertain Me: Poker Party

“Anytime you throw a party the stakes are high,” says Dabble’s Cocktail Deeva, Dee Brun, “so leave nothing to chance.” Follow these easy house rules to ensure your poker night is a winner.

House Rule #1: Casino colours are a sure bet
Capture a Rat Pack Vegas vibe with casino colours black, white, and red. Inviting guests to dress the part builds pre-party excitement.

House Rule #2: High stakes setting
Create an authentic play surface by wrapping velvet or felt around a standard table. Tack fabric edges beneath tabletop.


House Rule #3: You Got to Know when to Feed ‘em
Trason Fernandes looks ready to satisfy that bad boy hunger with a pulled pork slider, served on a bed of potato chips.

House Rule #4: All in
Keep invitations on theme. Make your own or order from Tiny Prints.

House Rule #5: Pick your Poison
A manly scotch for him and a tall, sexy martini glass for her. The Big Blind Bellini is a standout in casino neon blue.


House Rule #6: Cheat Sheet
Frame a list of winning poker hands, so novice guests feel comfortable with game rules.

House Rule #7: Poker Playlist
Rock the house with Deeva’s Poker Night playlist:
Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
Good News – Matt Dusk
Fever – Michael Buble
Poker Face – Lady Gaga
The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

House Rule #8: Coasters
Use mismatched playing cards as coasters.