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Inspiration Archives - Page 2 of 3 - Kimberley Seldon's Dabble

Coffee Table Talk

Issue 7 - Take 3 - Coffee Table Time copy

Coffee tables are a practical piece of furniture. No doubt about it. YAWN.

What if that ever-so-practical coffee table could become a conduit to engaging and lively conversation?

Try this: Replace that dull assortment of books that make you look smart with an open bowl of Bananagrams letter cubes and see what happens.

Having finished dinner with a group of friends one evening, we took our coffee to the living room to enjoy. As we sat down I realized I hadn’t tidied up from an afternoon of playing board games with the kids. I reached for the game box with the intention of stowing it away when one of my friends remarked that he hadn’t “played that game” in ages. One thing led to another and the entire party ended up playing several rounds before the evening ended. Since that time I nearly always have an open bowl of Bananagrams on my coffee table. We’ve since added a couple decks of silly card games, table top trivia and our personal house fave Rummikub. I’m amazed how even the most quiet in the group comes to life when the games come out.

Perhaps it’s time to shake up your main conversation areas?

Send us your thoughts on fave board games!

Family Cottage


Ready to update his 1920s family cottage, Mark Narsansky turned to his designer and longtime partner Philip Mitchell for help. How did Philip create more space to host more and larger family gatherings while preserving the cottage’s vintage personality?

This family cottage plays host to many guests on a frequent basis. Designer Philip Mitchell says, ‘The layout of the furniture helps to ease traffic flow in the living room.’


To accommodate large dinner parties, Philip chooses a table that extends to seat 26 guests, perfect for holidays, birthdays and special events. A distressed finish means there’s no drama if children or pets accidentally scratch the surface.

To read and view the full home tour, check out Family Cottage, Issue 3 July/Aug 2011.

Masterful Mixing


Dave Benbow, manager and buyer for one of LA’s hottest La Cienega design shops, Mecox Gardens, has his own design philosophy: ‘Nothing matches but it all goes together.’

Dave likes to mix price points. Above, he pairs fluted wood lamps from Target with a woven console table and repurposed stools. ‘It keeps everyone guessing,’ Dave says.


See how Dave’s approach works very well, we might add, in his stylish living quarters.

Good looks aren’t enough to impress design expert Dave Benbow. Layers mean comfort so he looks for ways to introduce them into his projects.


To read the full article on Dave’s home tour, check out Masterful Mixing, Issue 3 Jul/Aug 2011.

Home Tour with Erinn Valencich


We loved learning more about Erinn Valencich in our recent interview with her for Dabble’s inaugural issue. We titled the column ‘Swimming Pools and Movie Stars’ as a riff on the Beverley Hillbillies theme song, since her project was in that well known high-rent neighbourhood. Our editorial team was immediately attracted to the interior’s easy, carefree spirit as it seemed ideally suited to southern California.

As with any magazine, it’s not always possible to include every photo in a feature spread. Here are a few of the photos that didn’t make our first cut, but are nonetheless worthy of attention.


This guest bedroom and adjacent bathroom would be a welcome sight for any guest in need of overnight accommodations. The luxury of bathing with the windows wide open is not lost to a majority of North Americans who live with cold weather temperatures.


With everything close at hand, the office commute doesn’t have to be a long one. We love how simple, almost austere, this working space feels. Who needs distractions when deadlines are looming?


Still another room with exquisite views to outdoors framed in ebony.

Inviting Warmth


Sunlight pours through dramatic six-over-six, double sash windows, filling interior designer Lynn Morgan’s living room with an inviting warmth.

Read the entire article ‘Home Tour – Lynn Morgan’ in Issue 9 of Dabble.

At Home with Grace Bonney


Grace Bonney–the brains behind Design Sponge, a blog that features entries on design, before and after pics and DIY projects–recently shared photos of her apartment.

This kitchen exudes a comfy, homey feel. It’s classic and functional and makes you want to spend your entire day gazing out the window.

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In contrast to the kitchen, this space is both modern and eclectic. The crisp white wall is awakened with a speckled lamp. Very chic!

To read what Grace Dabbles in, check out Issue 7: Apr/May’12.

Read the entire article ‘I Dabble In – Grace Bonney’ in Issue 7 of Dabble.

Work/Life Balance


Doesn’t everyone get to work this way? If you think his commute is chill, check out his stylish living quarters.

For more about Asher and Jessica’s home, visit Issue 7: Apr/May’12.
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Have Fun Accessorizing your Home


Is it possible to have too many candlesticks? We don’t think so and clearly designers Bob and Cortney Novogratz agree. Pairing the silver candlesticks with the bright yellow table gives the room energy and speaks to the homeowner’s passion for collecting.

Read the entire article ‘Home Tour – The Novogratz’ in Issue 6 of Dabble.


Fit for a princess


What little girl wouldn’t feel like a ballerina princess in this room? Though not a design professional, Sophie Vander satisfies even the most demanding clients–.her daughters.

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It’s snack time. Fortunately, Sophie Vander’s daughters have a comfy spot at the family island to wait for the tasty treat. We love the mint green dishes peeking from the glass front cabinets.

For more about Sophie’s home, visit Issue 7: Apr/May’12.

Splash of Colour


Naughty child. Getting sent to the corner never looked this fun when we were kids. Love how Bob and Cortney Novogratz used colour and stripes to create energy in the often ignored corner of a room.

To read more on Bob and Cortney, read Issue 6: Feb/Mar’12.

Read the entire article ‘Home Tour – The Novogratz’ in Issue 6 of Dabble.

Backyard Bliss


It’s dusk–.at Dusk’s. Crooner Matt Dusk has every reason to sing the praises of his designer, DIY Guy Nicholas Rosaci.

To read more about Matt’s digs, visit Issue 7: Apr/May’12.

Read the entire article ‘Home Tour – At Dusk’ in Issue 7 of Dabble.

Time for Sleep


Back to bed! That’s an order we’ll happily obey if the bed in question is as inviting as this one designed by Jamie Herzlinger.

Read the entire article ‘Home Tour – Jamie Herzlinger’ in Issue 6 of Dabble.