Industry Profile: The Metricks

Spending four months out of the year selecting furnishings for design superstore ELTE inspired fourth generation family owners Jamie and Andrew Metrick to open a store for youthful consumers. The 50,000 square foot store is the newest concept store by the Metrick family. The best part? Take your purchases home the same day.

The Metricks

DAB: What destinations inspired you to open Elte Market?
JM: Visiting India three times per year, specifically Jaipur, has definitely played a role. Colour, innovation and creativity in this part of the world are tremendous. Deconstructing silk saris and using those bold colours to reweave area carpets are just some of the things I get to do. There are many items we come across throughout our travels that reflect an edgier look, which doesn’t fit within the Elte aesthetic.

DAB: As rug buyer for Elte MKT, can you provide a couple of tips for someone looking to purchase a good quality carpet?
JM: First, knowing that the rug is handmade is enormously important—both in the look and quality of the fibre.Handmade rugs will not only last longer but, if damaged, can be repaired. They also have a look and soul to them that one cannot achieve using a machine. Second, you can never go wrong in terms of fiber by choosing wool or silk. There are other great options like bamboo and banana silk that get better and better in quality.

jamie metrick

DAB: How do you know when you’ve found a gem?
AM: I know I’ve found a gem when I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m working on or looking at hundreds of designs every day so for something to stick with me, it needs to be pretty special. Sometimes this lasts a week, sometimes a month and there are even the select few that have stuck with me for years now. For whatever the reason, like a catchy song, I just can’t shake them. The thing about gems however is they’re only special if you’re one of the few people that know about them. For this reason, I’m constantly pushing myself to create or collect the next best thing.

DAB: Is your personal style reflected through the items you buy for the store?
AM: I only buy things that I’d feel proud to have in my home. To that point, my style is definitely reflected in everything I’ve sourced or designed. Defining that style is a challenge for me only because I don’t tend to look at what I source as falling within specific design buckets such as “contemporary” or “traditional”. My style is an amalgamation of very subtle design preferences. Of course I have certain colour palettes or materials that I gravitate towards but it goes so much deeper than that.

elte mkt

DAB: Is there a country you haven’t stamped on your passport but would like to?
JM: One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit is Japan. The simplicity of its lifestyle and their design philosophy is truly inspiring. I’m also a tremendous food fan and always wanted to experience what the country has to offer.

DAB: What makes Elte Market a unique shopping experience?
JM: It’s a one stop shop for affordable, edgy pieces that are available right away with no wait time. I’m a rug guy and we have over 2,000 unique pieces available compared to other stores in Toronto with far fewer.

DAB: When you’re not travelling the world, what do you Dabble in?
AM: There’s not a lot of room to dabble. My weekends are spent in the store or working at a coffee shop. The books I read look a lot more like home magazines than anything else and our family dinners sound closer to office meetings than perhaps they should. That being said, I happen to love what I do so at the risk of sounding cliché, it’s not really work in that sense. I get to the gym almost every day and I love trying out new restaurants or bars. In a city like Toronto, I don’t think I’ll be running out of them any time soon. Apart from that, going out with friends and relaxing at home sounds pretty good to me.

Dabble Digs

Table Tray
Keep coffee table displays tidy and stylish. Corral books, candles and other decorative objects on this handsome tray.

Tray, US$260, ElteMKT

Dabble Digs - Elte MKT Tray

Protect your Desk
Jazz up that neutral office space. With more than 4,500 artistic options you’re bound to find a desk mat that makes Monday manageable.

Geometric Shapes Desk Mat by Danny Ivan, US$24 KESS Inhouse

Dabble Digs - KESS Inhouse

Switch it Up
Never say, “Now where did I put my keys?” again. Multiple configurations available.

The Keeper, US$16, Walhub

Dabble Digs - SKU Rocker keeper keys envelope

Squeaky Clean and Green
Cleaning products that are safe around kids and pets? Yes please. These are beautifully packaged in refillable and recyclable bottles.

Dish Soap & All Purpose Cleaner,
£11/each, Common Good

Dabble Digs - Laundry Detergent - Glass Bottle, Another Country

To your Health
Veggie juice, soup, pancakes, almond milk and baby food at your disposal with the help of this slim and attractive juicer.

JuicePresso, CA$530,

Dabble Digs - Juicepresso_fruits

Nuts for Butter
Fans of peanut and almond butters get ready to wow your taste buds with one of these gourmet spreads. Ingredients like coconut oil, chia seed, flax seed, and whey protein make snacking virtuous.

Nut Butters, US$11-14, Buff Bake

Dabble Digs - Buff Bake

Furniture Pieces to Invest In

We asked Andrew Metrick, General Manager and Furniture Buyer at Elte Market, to name 3 furniture pieces a first-time home buyer should invest in. Here’s what he had to say.

Elte MKT - Metricks

1- If a sofa isn’t at the top of your list of furniture investment pieces, you should really think about starting a new list. It doesn’t matter if you have rooms dedicated for sleeping, dining or working, your sofa is going to become the default location for almost everything you do. For this reason, you better love your sofa so take your time in selecting one.

Elte MKT - Sofa

Paris Sofa, Elte Market


2- The next investment piece you’ll need is a great looking armchair. Not only will this purchase be something that can move easily from room to room or home to home, this is your chance to select something that really reflects your personality and it will help set off your own unique style in whatever space it’s in. If your sofa is the classically tailored grey suit, your chair is the tie that gives people more insight into what your style is.

Elte MKT - Chair

Lillian Chair, Elte Market


3- And lastly, invest it a good bed. I’m a full-bed person, which means no headboards – only for me. There’s nothing wrong with a headboard on its own but if you go this route, you’re going to need a skirt to cover up your bed frame and that can be very limiting in terms of how you want your room to feel.


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Things to See & Do in San Diego


The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Kilt-clad doormen greet you and open the doors to a Craftsman-style lobby that features original art, furniture, and wood paneling. Even if you’re not staying there, it’s worth stopping by to soak in the atmosphere. And since it’s San Diego, the weather’s probably beautiful.

Torrey Pines Lodge

Photography by Angela Auclair


Torrey Pines Gliderport

Watch colorful gliders fill the air like a flock of soaring birds, going where the wind takes them.


Photography by Angela Auclair



Newport Avenue, Ocean Beach

Right where the road ends and the beach begins, enjoy browsing numerous antique stores. It’s an eclectic scene and, whether you’re a surfer or a shopper, there’s plenty to do and see.


Shop Silhouettes in the Antique Area. Photography by Angela Auclair



Housed in part of an old trolley station (you can see the tracks), this is a South Park gem. Everything in Progress is thoughtfully chosen, regardless of size or price. So linger on a custom sofa as you thumb through a copy of “The Manly Art of Knitting”.


Photography by Angela Auclair


Kimberley’s Uptown Elegance in Chatelaine

Uptown Funk is so yesterday! Kimberley joins Chatelaine Magazine and Home Hardware in recommending the best colour combination for a sophisticated urban look.


Take 3: Sculptural Resolution

An outdoor urn or planter is an attractive and welcoming enhancement to the entrance. But how many of us find these arrangements quickly become neglected after the holidays are over and the temperatures plunge? Often times, lifeless boughs and tired, broken branches remain until Easter eggs are retrieved. With minimal planning it’s possible to keep urns looking fresh and seasonal right through the winter.

Photography by Simon Burn

Photography by Simon Burn


Jack Frost
A simple white planter suits the contemporary arrangement of silver-blue greens and Carolina Sapphire. Snow-dusted grapevine and birch branches create architecture that grounds the assorted greens. Sprigs of Dusty Miller lend colour and texture, acting as focal flowers at the centre of the arrangement.

Photography by Simon Burn

Photography by Simon Burn


Garden Visitor
The same planter and foliage may alternatively be presented as a preface for spring, showcasing favourite garden pieces like the metal bird and egg seen here. A trellis, obelisk or a lantern work equally well. In this version we’ve highlighted a moss wrapped cone, birch covered globes and the perched bird.

Design Tips: A resin planter is not subject to sub-zero cracking but must be properly weighted to avoid toppling over. Add a generous layer of pea gravel to facilitate re-arranging after the soil has frozen. Lay a wreath horizontally on the planter and build your arrangement on top of it.

Photography by Simon Burn

Photography by Simon Burn


Tradition with a Twist
A whimsical arrangement is composed with varying colours of greenery including Fraser fir, blue pine, hemlock and some minimal magnolia. Unlike spring and summer planters which have continual abundant growth, this winter version relies on grapevine, pine cones, and maple branches for structure. Moss and curly willow create added interest.

New Home, Old Soul

  • Yanic's go to neutral: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23.
  • In this space, Yanic repurposed the metal art mirror above the sofa where it becomes a focal point. Benches create bridges between different zones within an open concept space. The black leather tufted bench is part of the conversation grouping and an extra seat near the fireplace.
  • Dabble Savvy: Turn a singular window seat into a destination with furniture and lighting. The walnut stools anchor the seating arrangement and the glass globe chandelier and plug-in sconces provide a flattering layer of light.

Words by Yanic Simard | Photography by Brandon Barré

Often, when homeowners move into a new space, whether freshly built or staged to sell, they’ll find the house simply doesn’t feel like a home.

Designer Yanic Simard shares his rules for claiming a new space and creating an interior that feels familiar and comfortable.

Treasured Heritage

Rather than replacing original details like mouldings and doors to achieve a more “perfect” look, allow these elements to become features using contrasting paint colours and finishes.

Dabble Savvy: In this Victorian house the walls, ceiling and trim are painted in one shade only, Benjamin Moore’s OC-23 Classic Gray. A single colour throughout visually obscures uneven lines and imperfections. A matte finish is used on walls and ceiling while the trim gets subtle emphasis with a satin finish. The doors are painted in Benjamin Moore’s 2121-10 Gray—a deeper shade that makes them pop for architectural interest.

In with the Old

To create a sense of personal history, introduce treasured items already owned.

Dabble Savvy: Blend vintage and contemporary pieces to blur time periods and create a custom, timeless impression.

Redraw the Lines

Never settle for a pre-existing layout—experiment with new furniture arrangements and always pull seating away from the walls.

Lighten Up

To add character without clutter include sheer and see-through elements like the draperies and peek-a-boo seating.

Dabble Savvy: Mirrored finishes and reflective metals (like the gold-leaf glass cocktail cubes in the living room) enrich almost any colour scheme without creating visual overload. Avoid a “matchy-matchy” look by casually mixing metals in warm and cool tones.


Bay Window


Real estate listings typically lead with stunning visual features like a bay window. Why then do designers sometimes struggle with how to dress this architectural feature? And more importantly, how to use the space found within the bay?

Interior designer Jane Lockhart turned this bay window into a destination in her client’s home. Full draperies provide physical and psychological warmth to the space so it can be used year round. Two comfortable arm chairs tuck neatly back and the large purple ottoman makes it a comfortable spot to sit and read or enjoy a cup of tea.

Do you have a trick for turning a bay window into usable floor space?

Industry Profile: Cortney Novogratz

 With a busy design firm, a book and 7 kids, it’s go, go, go for design duo Bob and Cortney Novogratz. Dabble talks to Cortney about the strategic mix of high and low and new and vintage. 

Industry Profile with The Novogratz

DAB: How did you discover your passion for design, and how do you make it work living and working together, blending your creative personalities?
CN: I don’t know if passion found us or we found it. We bought a condemned building in New York City when we got engaged and renovated it. It took us about 3 buildings before people started saying, ‘you should do this for a living’. We found our job and career in that one home. We learned along the way. Eventually, friends and family members asked us to do their places and our careers took off.

DAB: Why is it important to create accessible design, regardless of budget?
CN: At the end of the day, everyone should have an amazing house. It really is a sanctuary, so to speak. For a lot of people, they don’t have the budget. Some of our best ideas come when we have a small budget. That’s when we have to be creative and think everything through because there is no room for mistakes. Buying items at flea markets gives you the freedom to be more unique. It doesn’t matter if you only paid $20 for an item at a garage sale. That’s what makes it cool.

DAB: You like to combine new and vintage. At what part in the process do you determine which items should be new and and which ones should be vintage?
CN: A sofa, for example, needs to be comfortable and it needs to last. You’re not going to buy a sofa every few years, so if you find a vintage one with good bones, you need to make sure it’s reupholstered properly. When we shop at chain stores, we buy a solid piece that’s gonna last and that’s adorable. Then we sprinkle in one-of-a-kind, funky, flea market pieces. I think the combination of modern, brand-new mixed with mom-and-pop, antiquey stores is ideal. That old piece brings soul to the house, and the new piece brings in the function that we need.

Cortney Dabbles

DAB: You aren’t afraid to use bold colours. What advice would you give to someone who wants to use colour but is afraid?
CN: Start off slowly if you’re having anxiety over color. Paint a focal wall a really bright color. Maybe the wall behind your bed or just a door. Live with it, see if you like it. Then, paint the ceiling, or finish off the other walls. You could also paint a chest of drawers in a really bright color. I think we can all live with more color and should take a risk.

DAB: What 3 tips would you give someone trying to achieve a vintage / modern look?

CN: Buy something old, a lamp, a chair, a vase. And then buy something contemporary, with clean lines. Maybe a sofa or coffee table. Add a mixture of textures with pillows and fabrics. If one fabric is a linen, add wool or an old quilt. If you bought an old lamp, buy a big, modern lamp shade. I think it’s just mixing all the things you love so it feels like a home, rather than something “decorated”. That’s important to me.

DAB: Is there a city or country where you haven’t designed, but would like to?
CN: Oh, definitely Asia. So we want to go to Japan. My daughter wants to go too. We have a place in South America so we go to Brazil quite a bit, which has really been inspiring. But I think the more travel we have… oh, India! My daughter would definitely say India.


Which Do You Prefer? Frame Up

Frame Up

When it comes to grouping artwork do you prefer?

Home Tour - Nathan Thomas4

Interior Design: Nathan Thomas – Photography by Axel Dupeux


Matching frames for a unified look?  Or…

Interior Design by Kimberley Seldon Design Group - Photography by Simon Burn

Interior Design by Kimberley Seldon Design Group – Photography by Simon Burn


Mix and matching frame styles and colours?

Take 3: Beach Towels

Whether you’re soaking wet or just aiming for some modesty poolside, beach towels are a summer staple. Here are three ways to store them in plain sight.


Take 3 - Beach Towel3


On a Roll
Roll beach towels and store in a short sided wicker basket. Now they’re ready to go when
you are.

Take 3 - Beach Towel2

Dabble Savvy: Crisp whites launder best but we still love bright stripes for summer.


Dock Party
When the sun is shining there’s no time to make three trips into the house for towels. Keep a large stash neatly corralled in an oversized wicker basket.

Take 3 - Beach Towel


DIY Guy: Shimmy Shimmy Bang

DIY Guy - Shim Wall7

“Bang for your buck?” asks DIY Guy Nicholas Rosaci. Paint, stain and inexpensive wood shims render a plain wall into a mosaic masterpiece.


– Nelson Pro-Line 8″ Cedar Wood Shims (14 shims / package)
– LePage No More Nails adhesive glue
– Gator fine or medium coarse sanding sponges
– Paintbrush
– Foam paint brush
– Paint (see Nicholas’ selections on opposite page)

DIY Guy - Shim Wall


– 3/4” 8’ x 4’ plywood sheets


Sand rough edges of the shims for a smooth finish and to help the stain penetrate more effectively into the wood.

Determine a pleasing colour pattern and set aside enough shims for each paint colour and/or stain to complete the design.

Using a paintbrush, paint the front and sides of each shim and let dry. Using a foam brush, apply the dark stain to the front and sides of one quarter of the shims. Rub off excess stain using a paper towel and let dry.

DIY Guy - Shim Wall3

Starting at the top row, glue the shims horizontally onto the wall in the colour pattern of your choice, making sure the shims point in the same direction. For the second row from the top, point the shims in the opposite direction and alternate this way all the way down.

DIY Guy - Shim Wall4

Cut the ends of the last shim, to ensure the shims fit onto the wall perfectly if required.

DIY Guy - Shim Wall6

Tip: Glue shims onto plywood sheets and fasten to the wall for a temporary or reusable wall

Nicholas’ Paint Colour Picks:
Saman Dark Oak Stain #112 8 oz.
Benjamin Moore 2056-50 Baby Boy Blue Flat paint – 1 quart
Benjamin Moore 2052-60 China Blue Flat paint – 1 quart
Benjamin Moore CC460 Inukshuk Flat paint – 1 quart
Benjamin Moore 2122-70 Snow White flat paint – 1 quart