Chef Rob Rainford

A day with Rainford Rob

Some people are born to shop, some born to travel, but Rob Rainford, well… he was born to grill.

This Jamaican born Torontonian, host of the Food Network Canada TV show, License to Grill is now sharing his signature style, The Rainford Method in his latest book Born to Grill (May 2012).

Chef Marc Matsumoto


One bite at a time. That’s how Marc Matsumoto savours the world around him. A globetrotting chef, he shares international recipes with fellow foodies on and complements the pairings with beautiful photography on He’s so busy, he has Dabble wondering how he ever has time for his day job, as a private chef in New York City. Busy or not, Marc says he always makes time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cooking is simple. It’s 50% technique, 40% inspiration and 10% ingredients. Armed with some basic techniques and a little inspiration, you can make a tasty meal from even the most derelict pantry.


Spend a day with Chef Marc:

BreakfastBaked Eggs

Lunch – Matsutake Mushroom Risotto

Dinner – Shiso Pesto Pasta