My Date with Wolverine


It’s no secret: I enjoy a good challenge, from designing spaces to coming up with an awesome new DIY.

Recently, Dabble challenged me to go on a hike for the launch of Wolverine‘s patented ICS Hiking Shoes. These shoes use disc technology as a way of customizing the level of support the insole provides the foot, based on comfort and the way a person walks.

The wonderful people from Elevator Communications Inc. were on hand at Evergreen Brick Works to help the group of hikers gear up for the day. This dynamic public park, located in the heart of Toronto, was named one of the top 10 geo-tourism destinations in the world by National Geographic.

Feeling quite prepared, I couldn’t help but wonder if my new hiking shoes would get me through all of the obstacles in the vast outdoors. I must be honest: I had never gone hiking in my life and the thought of bugs and grass stains terrified me. But, in the spirit of self-evolution and a challenge set by Dabble, I stepped out on my first trail.

The park was an excellent venue for the day with an abundance of different terrain to give the shoes a good workout. After what seemed like hours to me–only to be corrected by one of the hikers who said it was only 7 minutes–we reached a mammoth mountain of rock and boulders. OK fine! Perhaps I’m exaggerating a little, but it certainly was a big hill.

Reaching the summit of the hill, something strange happened to me…I felt zen and at peace with nature. I forgot about the bugs and the grass stains and, best of all, my feet didn’t hurt. I had tried all four settings: Comfort, Firm, Inward and Outward Support and had particularly enjoyed the Comfort setting, wishing all my shoes could be this comfortable.

The hike was followed by a beautiful lunch under a tent. The tables were dressed with white linens and the plate chargers were made of sliced tree stumps (great inspiration for a DIY). Marvelling at my accomplishment, and my chic new pair of Wolverine shoes, I realized that hiking and the woods really aren’t that bad!

Dabble Digs the Lumix GF3X


In every issue of Dabble, we celebrate photographers in the column, Infusion, where we pick products and Benjamin Moore paint colours inspired by a photo. We recently came across the Lumix GF3X camera by Panasonic and love how easy it is to use. Toronto photographer Jennifer Pearson is sharing tips so that you too can take flawless photos using the Lumix GF3X.

Jennifer’s Tip:
One of the easiest ways to give your shots a professional look and feel is to follow the ‘rule of thirds’. This approach breaks your photo down into thirds or a grid system (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have nine parts. By placing items of importance, like a child’s eyes, in the intersections or along the lines, your photo instantly becomes more interesting.


Be aware of your light source — where is it coming from? Where are the shadows? A common trick used by most photographers is shooting in open shade — a technique where you place your subject (person or object) in the shade but just on the cusp of the light with the sun positioned over your shoulder. This removes harsh shadows and awkward squinting, while placing a lovely light in their eyes.

Download This


Want to be inspired? Houzz is a is a virtual destination for home design devotees. Check out their website or download the free mobile app.

Dining Room modern dining room

Designers can create an account and showcase their work, and homeowners are able to sift through a plethora of photos, as well as locate professional designers in their area. If you are looking to make some home renos or simply love to decorate, this is definitely an app worth downloading.

For more information, visit Houzz.

Dabble Digs Fresh Home Elements


FHE prides itself on creating designer-worthy home accessories for every day life.

Eco Picture Frames
Frames in a variety of shades, sizes and styles
Material: Reclaimed wood
Size 4′ x 6′ and up

These stylish frames are environmentally friendly and will beautify any photo. Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Tissue Bath Mat
Tissue Bath Mat in purple, black, grey and white
Size: 20’ x 30’
Material: cotton blend/recycled materials

Slippers are not required when walking on this mat. Its cushiony feel will make your toes feel like you’re walking on air.

Check out what else we are diggin’: Issue 7: Apr/May’12.

Gifts Made Easy


Someone once said that Christmas is a race to see which gives out first, your money or your feet.

Save your Sanity and Holiday Shop like a Pro

Someone once said that Christmas is a race to see which gives out first, your money or your feet. Well, save your feet! We spent the past weeks sourcing those perfect gifts for foodies of every age and stumbled on a well-stocked resource, our local pharmacy. From Gourmet Hot Cocoa for her to a Baileys Irish Cream for him, and even a Kinder Surprise for the wee one in your life, these gift ideas are sure to please all of the foodies on your list.

Don’t let the tick tock of the countdown clock (How many days until Christmas?) give you a panic. Since you’re likely to be stopping by the pharmacy on your way home from work anyway, this option maximizes the one commodity that’s even less plentiful than money…time. Plus, prices are competitive with any retail store and opening hours are usually much longer. But don’t let me convince you, check out the great gift ideas below.

1.Baileys Original or Baileys Irish Cream (180g) ~ $8.99 each;2.Indulge 5 Minute Chocolate Cupcake Mix ~ $9.99;3.Starbucks Gift Basket ~ $19.99;4.Indulge Coffee and Green Tea Set (available in 3 flavours) ~ $9.99 each;5.Indulge Gourmet Hot Cocoa Cup & Saucer Gift Set ~ $9.99;6.New Kinder Mix, Includes Plush Toy and Assortment of Chocolate (116g) ~ $10.99;7.Hot Chocolate Hottie Set ~ $19.99;8.Cranberry Tangerine Cosmopolitan Mix or Pomegranate Martini Mix ~ $7.99 each;9.Ferrero Rocher Cone (350g) ~ $17.99.

Click to explore this season’s most beautiful gifts at Shoppers Drug Mart. Plus, use the Easy Gift Finder to find fabulous gifts for everyone on your list. Go to

sdm phx logos

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Shoppers Drug Mart via Glam Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Shoppers Drug Mart.

Dabble Digs: Crabtree Treats


Inspired by a treasure seeking journey from east to west, Crabtree & Evelyn introduce their new Festive Fine Food Collection. The delicious collection includes traditional festive foods with a contemporary aromatic twist. Dabble Digs the richly coloured keepsake containers with delightful illustrations. Here are just a few of our favourites.


Traditional Shortbread Bursting with a full buttery taste.


Collectable Tin A chic keepsake filled with baked biscuits, delicious strawberry preserves and afternoon tea.


English Tea and Biscuit Tin A real treat for anyone who love the English tradition of afternoon tea.


Cranberry and Orange Sauce This delightful, slow-cooked sauce will provide the perfect touch to roast meat.

Dabble Digs TIFF


For the seventh year in a row, rock-it promotions hosted the Tastemakers lounge, the largest Canadian gifting suite hosted during the Toronto International Film Festival. Stars like Scott Speedman, Matt Dusk, Russell Peters, Geoffrey Rush, Mary Murphy and more took a walk through the suite at the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto to take home great Canadian goods.

Dabble stopped by to see what design, travel and food products the celebrities were coveting.


Sharpie showcased their new bright 80’s themed colours, perfect for Festival autographs.


The new Sharpie gel highlighter was a huge crowd pleaser as the new gel substance ensures the highlighter won’t dry out! You’ll want to make sure you have this highlighter in your home office.


It was particularly enjoyable trying out Cilque [silk]. This Canadian line of 100% silk bedding is a perfect pause from the flurry of The Festival.


ClarityOne showcased their earbuds with built-in PureSound processors. These earbuds are perfect for travel as they come in a durable travel case and boast 3D quality sound.

Another lounge favourite was Bobble, a resilient, reusable and stylish water bottle that is the perfect accessory when traveling. The built in filter creates the equivalent of 300 filtered water bottles- a great eco friendly bottle in several stylish colours.



For guilt free snacking during The Festival, Popchipswere on hand. Made with natural ingredients (and less than half the fat of fried chips), at only 100 calories per bag, they are the perfect on the go snack!


The busy days during The Festival leave little downtime, but there’s always a few minutes for a little indulgence. Sourced from around the globe, the new range of PC ae black label products include hundreds of incredible foods and flavours including oils and vinegars, confectionary items, pasta, sauces, marinades and more.


Look what we dug up…


Dabble Digs: Underwater World

Created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor in the waters of Cancun, Mexico, The Silent Evolution is the just-completed fourth installation in association with the Museo Subacuatico de Arte. The collaboration seeks to create artificial reefs thereby taking pressure off the area’s natural water attractions that are visited by over 750,000 tourists each year, allowing them space and time to regenerate.


The 400 sculptures are casts of real local characters, and are mesmerizing, thought provoking and truly magical. The next project stage is about to get underway and will include local and international artists adding to this already spectacular installation.

Guest Post by Sophie Vander