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What’s Trending in Baths


US$3000 – $10,000, TOTO

The Neorest 700H is engineered to provide its user with an unrivaled level of comfort. The ewater+  technology keeps the bowl clean and hygienic, while the Wonderwave Spray and warm-air dryer keep you feeling refreshed. 


US$1,200+, Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam’s new Virtual Spa System makes it fast and easy for you to create and visualize a personalized home steam shower. From the required generator and control components to optional accessories such as ChromaTherapy, AromaTherapy,MusicTherapy, wall seats and towel warmers,  all in a simple step-by-step process.

  1. Enter your shower dimensions and room material to automatically select the right generator for your enclosure size.
  2. Choose a control package and finish that perfectly complements your home.
  3. Select a convenient spa package or items a la carte.
  4. Opt for accessories that will enhance your steam experience, turning your home into a retreat from everyday life.
  5. Add a towel warmer to complete the experience, and your virtual spa tour is complete.


Jet Set Decorative Stone
Made to order, Walker Zanger

The Jet Set collection channels mid century glamour into a stunning collection of intricately realized patterns. Use them on bathroom floors, walls or as a kitchen backsplash.

Choosing Tile


Tile can be intimidating when you start mixing and matching. It’s easy to select one and roll with it everywhere. Getting creative with your tile choices will yield a much more interesting base to your kitchen or bathroom, so go on! Don’t be afraid to play with size, pattern and texture when choosing tile. Keep to a neutral palette to allow the tile to speak for itself.

In this bathroom renovation the tile is contrasted with a dark stained walnut vanity. The main floor tile was a discontinued marble that we scooped up for a deal. An offset pattern with the marble created more interest with this simple tile.


Murano glass mosaic backsplash and shower wall insert fell under the splurge category and well worth it. It sparkles and shimmers from the natural light that floods the space.


Using natural materials was the main criteria when choosing each tile for the bathroom. From there we made our selections based on size and location. The end result is calm and serene with just the right amount of interest. A perfect place to start and end your day.

What we love about Sophie Paterson

  • In this London bedroom, she strikes a casual pose against grass cloth covered walls, stopping for a brief moment to ensure all details are perfect.
  • “Investing in classic furniture shapes such as the Parsons inspired console table,” says Sophie, “offers my clients the greatest flexibility; allowing for inevitable lifestyle changes.”
  • Strong shapes are a Sophie Paterson signature, as evidenced by the tailored walnut-clad kitchen. The stainless steel range hood nearly disappears into the mirrored backsplash, a choice that amplifies available sunlight from an adjacent window. The cantilevered shelves keep cooking herbs close at hand without cluttering countertop surfaces.
  • Flattering light is critical to a project’s ultimate success. Table lamps provide low level lighting and an intimate glow, ideal for conversation areas and bedrooms.

Like any great designer, Sophie Paterson’s talents are chameleon, changing shape to reflect each client’s specific needs and style.

For more information about Sophie, visit:

Words by Sharon Laxon and Yvonne Vanderkooy.

A Reality Check on Choosing Tile [VIDEO]

Think you’d like to step into the shoes of a professional designer? Join Dabble’s design contributor, Nyla Free, as she shares a lesson in selecting bathroom tile.

Reality Check: Choosing Tile

Step-by-step guide to a designer’s process

It starts with a plan
Having exhausted its purpose for 30 years, clients asked Nyla to transform their master ensuite into a simple, light-filled space. With a preference for neutral colour firmly established she looked for an opportunity to introduce pattern and depth into the spacious room. Tile seemed an ideal candidate for the task.

Step 1: Initial Measure 
Have a professional measure the raw area for tiling. Once you decide on actual tiles and patterns, dimensions must be reconfirmed. With floors, make sure to match surface depth to adjacent areas to avoid an awkward threshold.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 2: Consider Placement
Since tile can be pricey, it’s critical to make selections with actual square footage and budget in mind. Tiling the shower requires more material than a backsplash. Can you splurge on the one if you save on the other? The floor is a great canvas for pattern. In addition, I selected a countertop of granite and coordinating tiles for the shower floor and walls.

Step 3: Size Matters
With so much choice, selecting size-appropriate tile can be confusing. While 12″ x 24″ tiles are widely popular, they may be too large for a powder room or main bathroom that’s a typical 5″ x 8″ size. Small 1″ x 1″ mosaics work well on shower floors, as part of a backsplash, or within a border as a feature in the centre of the floor.

Step 4: Select Feature Tile
Often a splurge, the feature tile provides an element to make other selections around, becoming a primary focus in the overall scheme. I selected a Murano glass mosaic tile asa feature within the shower and backsplash.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 5: Select Remaining Tile
To keep the budget on track, choose a more economical stone like Crema Marfil for the largest areas.

Step 6: Check Stock
Determine a tile’s availability early. A tile can be “in stock” in Indiana but require four weeks to arrive in your supplier’s showroom. Or if “in stock” in Italy, you can renovate the whole house before that tile is likely to arrive. A long backorder may mean reselection and back to Step 5.

Step 7: Plan on Paper
With selections made, it’s time to lay out the pattern on paper, to scale. Consider where cuts occur and where one material meets another, ensuring a seamless installation. Your tile professional can help you do this.

Step 8: Meet Installer
Schedule a site meeting with a professional installer to verify required quantities and confirm placement of tiles.

Step 9: Order Tile
It’s finally time to place an order and reconfirm stock and availability—yes, again.

Step 10: Grout Options
When selecting grout keep thickness and colour in mind. On delicate tiles the thickness might be less than 1/8″ whereas larger limestone tiles may look better with ¼” thickness. In most cases, you’ll want to choose a grout colour that most closely matches the tile.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 11: Confirm Correct Tile
Once tile arrives, confirm it’s the correct stock. With surprising frequency, errors occur and you do not want to install the wrong product. Confirm and reconfirm.

Step 12: Reconfirm Layout
Yes, confirm layout details again. Do not assume the installer remembers details you reviewed a few weeks—or even days ago.

Step 13: Progress Check
Designers make regularly scheduled site checks on behalf of clients to ensure there are no mistakes. Catching an error early is critical to the well-being of any project.

Step 14: Inspect and Enjoy
Review areas where tile is joined and make sure any grout remaining on the face of tiles has been removed.

Great deals are found in discontinued areas of tile stores.
Keep expensive tiles in smaller, feature areas.
Big box stores have a good selection of affordable tile, often in stock.
Get more style from an inexpensive tile by installing it in an interesting pattern.