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Beautiful India


Globetrotter Heather Greenwood Davis compels us to visit beautiful India.

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Andean Villages of Northern Argentina


This beautifully written post by guest blogger, Nellie Huang of, is the perfect example of why everyone should dabble in travel. Nellie was Dabble’s featured blogger in Issue 5‘s I Dabble In… profile.

Nestled by the pre-Andean Sierras (mountain range), the immeasurable beauty of the landscape and quaint little villages make Northern Argentina my favorite part of the country. Heading further north from the colonial city of Salta, we found ourselves entering a different world — from modern cities to wild nature and cobblestoned towns lined with bright Andean colors.


Paseo a las Nubes

Following the route of the famous ‘tren a las nubes’ , our guide Pablo brought us through the meandering paths of the Sierra Castille, past streams, rolling mountains and snow-capped peaks. The train is well-known as the highest altitude train route in the world. The landscape consisted of steep peaks dotted with cactus, ruins of ancient civilizations and llamas grazing on the endless fields.

As we climbed to altitudes as high as 4200m, we chewed on coca leaves (the plant from which cocaine is extracted from) to prevent altitude sickness, which can cause quite severe headache and short of breathe. Cruising through breathtaking views and climbing up peaks, it was definitely one of the best ways to see Argentina’s nature.

San Antonio a los Cobres

The ‘tren a las nubes’ route ends at this mining town where copper ( ‘cobre ‘ in Spanish) is found abundantly. We sought refuge from the cold at a restaurant where we tried llama meat for the first time. The indigenous animal is not only reared for their wool but also for their tender meat.



Further north in the Jujuy province is the tranquil mountainous town of Purmamarca, famed for the ‘Sierra de los siete colores’ (Mountain of 7 colors). Naturally formed by layers of different minerals (copper, iron etc), the mountains display beautiful strands of colors, as though God had decided to paint it this way.


The main plaza of the Purmamarca is littered with artisan shops and stalls that are decorated with brightly colored llama carpets and jumpers. Unlike other towns, Purmamarca is distinct with its boutique artisan shops that are modern yet thick with local flavors.


With locals dressed in authentic Andean ponchos and bright llama skirts, threading the alleys of Humahuaca, I found myself dreamily lost in this mountain daze, totally enchanted by their culture and traditions.

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