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Heightened Perspectives


An increasing number of travellers are enjoying unique destinations from the heightened perspective of a hot air balloon. Kim Pallozzi shares a few of the best place for Hot Air Ballooning.

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Tea Time


Did you know tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world?

Tea –black, green and white — can help to promote heart health, bone mass, healthy weight and even brain power. Even one cup of tea a day can promote healthy blood pressure, which could have significant impact on public health in terms of heart attack and stroke prevention.

It’s tea time!

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Top Picks for Springtime Travel


Dabble’s Travel Contributors, Stephanie Gray and Jennifer Weatherhead, suggest the best places for springtime travelling.

Where: Paris

Why: While the weather might be fickle (you may see rain one day, sun the next), we bet you’ll quickly overlook any gloomy days upon seeing the gorgeous blooms and lush trees that decorate the already beautiful landscape. Not to mention the height of tourist season in Paris comes in the summer, so you’ll be in town when the locals are. For those who are tennis fans, consider planning around the French Open which occurs every May at Roland Garros.

Travel Tip: Beat any weather woes by dressing in layers and packing a chic umbrella.

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Where: Amsterdam

Why: There’s nothing that says spring more than tulips and Amsterdam in April is the month when this flower blanket fields all across the Netherlands. It’s also the same time you can experience the annual Tulip Festival held at Keukenhof Gardens. Running from March 22 to May 22, 2012, it’s a gorgeous park filled with more than 7 million flowers that will instantly put you in spring mode. If partying is a must (come on, you are in Amsterdam), consider staying on April 30, Queen’s Day, when the streets turn into a giant party.

Where: Arizona

Why: Visitors come to enjoy this state all-year round, thanks to the hot weather, stunning natural landscape and world-class spas, but if you’re hoping to save a bit of cash and beat the heat, a late spring trip is your best bet. In the desert areas like Phoenix and Scottsdale, the highest hotel rates are from January to April, so waiting a little later in the year can be easier on your wallet. Plus it’s a great time to see the Grand Canyon, as it’s not as crowded and the temperatures will be nicer too

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Best Places for Cruising: Africa


More and more African ports open up each year to tourists. But the best one remains Cape Town. Visit a winery, a shanty town, a penguin colony or take the cable car up Table Mountain.


Make sure to purchase a hand-painted ostrich egg, which makes a great souvenir of your trip. If you have a chance during your cruise, go on safari but make sure you bring a camera with a good zoom and adjusts well to dusk and dawn shots.


The ultimate trip of all is Victoria Falls which can be done in 3-5 days as an overland tour. Victoria Falls borders Zambia and Zimbabwe, plus Botswana is close by if you want to check several countries off your bucket list.

Heather’s Cruise Line Pick: Silversea offers several shorter African voyages.

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Guest Post by Heather Visser

Best Places for Cruising: Asia


The countries in Asia offer a rich mix of diverse culture in a relatively small area. Enlighten your senses as you take in all the sights, sounds, and smells and feel the excitement of the fast-paced cities that literally never seem to rest. Prices are very reasonable for everything from massages to souvenirs. You can’t beat the famous sites there too.


China offers an intriguing mix of old and new from the Great Wall and Ming Tombs of Beijing to the modern city of Shanghai with its high speed MagLev train which reaches speeds of almost 600 km an hour. Xian is a short and worthwhile flight from Beijing to see the Terracotta Warriors.

And don’t forget Hong Kong with all of its colourful markets to explore. China also offers fantastic scenery with a boat ride along the Li River and a visit to Guilin, located on the river’s West bank.


Heather’s Cruise Line Pick: Regent has smaller ships that can get into the smaller ports in Asia which will save you a lot of travel time to the big cities.

For more great places to cruise, check out Best Places for Cruising, Issue 4 Sept/Oct 2011.

Guest Post by Heather Visser