St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Prague 27

Katedrála sv. Vita

While the architecture doesn’t disappoint, the exterior’s most distinguishing feature is a mosaic depiction of the Last Judgment, fashioned of Bohemian glass and produced with the help of Venetian artisans. On sunny days, the exterior display is rivalled only by interior views of the stained glass and rose windows. Catholics are allowed free entry to the chapel in order to pray.

Schwartzenberg Palace, Prague

Prague 26

Schwartzenberghy Palác

A rare and impressive collection of Baroque Bohemian art is behind the sgraffito* clad walls of this well-preserved Renaissance palace. Despite the unfamiliar artists’ names, the paintings and sculptures are masterful. And to be fair, had history been different, we’d likely know these artists as well as we know the names Titian, Ruebens and Rodin.

Design Lesson

*Sgraffito is an Italian method of building up patterns using plaster of contrasting colour.