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What’s Trending in Kitchens


ONE collection & Accessory Kits
US$425-$1,025, BLANCO

With three different sink sizes and an assortment of custom-designed accessories, the new ONE collection is crafted of the highest quality stainless steel with generous 9″ deep bowls in a satin polished finish. ONE lets you customize your sink for your individual lifestyle with custom-fit accessories, designed for the way you live.

Poggenpohl Accessories - Drawers with boxes - nut tree

Poggenpohl Drawer Inserts
Made to order, Poggenpohl

The base panel system offers total flexibility. On a non-slip linoleum base, spacer bars allow the space to be divided according to the customer’s requirements. Remodel my kitchen Austin offers a wide range of variations and fittings allow the customer to divide kitchen drawers for the best overview and storage space.


Mercer Quilted & Europa Collection
US$5.50-$29/each, Top Knobs

The Mercer Collection Quilted Series offers depth and textural dimension that creates visual interest. The Quilted Series uses geometric shaping to create focal interest while maintaining a clean, modern line.

Take 3: Coffee Table Time

Good looking and functional, let’s agree that no living space is really complete without a serviceable coffee table standing by. But decorating its surface is a tricky task. Dabble’s in-house design team offers three display worthy solutions.

Photography by Simon Burn

Photography by Simon Burn


Scale, Balance and Proportion
The centre of the room is a prime spot to display a grouping of favourite coffee table books to best advantage. Jazz up the scene by varying heights and colours and adding playful objects like the hand blown glass bowl for texture. The uniform, grid-like design keeps things tidy and adds whimsy to the formal space.

Dabble Savvy: Swap out books for a collection of old records or photo albums.

Photography by Simon Burn

Photography by Simon Burn


Go Big or Go Home
Give one large, fabulous item the attention it deserves. A matte finished copper bowl like this one complements the lime green surface of the coffee table.

Design Tip: In a family room, use a decorative bowl to house TV remotes in plain sight.

Photography by Simon Burn

Photography by Simon Burn


Tray Chic
Practical and stylish, the right tray gathers and grounds floating and unrelated items. When it’s party time, a tray is a fantastic tool for accommodating hors d’oeuvres or cocktails.

Dabble Savvy: Contrast is important—mix round objects with square ones and short with tall to create a dynamic tabletop arrangement.