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Congrats Elte on 95 years!

This May marks a major milestone for leading home furnishing retailer Elte, as it celebrates its 95th anniversary. Established in 1919, the family-owned company was founded on the notion of providing the world’s most beautiful products to shoppers. Almost a century later, and with an expanded complete offering of home furnishings, carpets and accessories, Elte continues to focus on curating the best products from around the world, while offering a personal touch to its loyal customers.


Elte’s 150,000 square feet showroom is located at 80 Ronald Avenue in Toronto.

Today, led by Ken Metrick, the founder’s grandson, Elte has evolved into one of North America’s largest retail establishments while staying true to its heritage, operating as a closely-knit, family-run business spanning over four generations. Working daily with Ken Metrick are his wife, Renee Metrick, Furniture Buyer, and their sons Jamie, who buys different types of rugs, and Andrew, Furniture Buyer.

Elte - Metricks

From left to right: Andrew, Renee, Ken and Jamie Metrick – Photography by Katherine Holland


For more information, visit: @elte #elte95

David Carter Pulls Focus

British designer David Carter is an attention seeker.  It’s obvious.


Look how deftly he pulls us into this foyer, by cleverly directing our attention to the handsome painting at eye level.  The graphic pillows create a frame which narrows our vision to the painting above.

Proof that when no natural focal point exists….it’s the designer’s job to create one.

Reality Check: Custom Area Carpet

Step 1: Assess the Space
To maximize value, it’s critical to assess a carpet’s ability to meet the needs of the user. Is the space comfortable and casual or empty-nest formal? Casual rooms work well with loop pile while more formal settings typically feature tight, cut pile. Consider soft and plush for a child friendly space and low pile for pets.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 2: Determine Size
One advantage of a custom carpet is its ability to be any size or shape. As a general rule, a larger area carpet gives the illusion of more space, embracing the full seating area. Save money, by cutting broadloom goods off the roll to produce an area carpet of virtually any size.

Step 3: Why Wool is Best
With wool’s inherent ability to repel stains, maintenance is easy and durability is high. Wool is resilient and vacuums like a dream, making it a great match for children and pets. For staircases, nothing has more lasting power. Manufacturers often blend wool with complementary materials such as silk to add glamour or cotton to create a more casual look.

Step 4: Select Pattern
Unlike a ready-made carpet, where pattern and colour are predetermined by the manufacturer, a custom version has virtually unlimited options. The task is to select a pattern that suits the interior. For modern or contemporary rooms, designers often choose geometric or abstract patterns to inject drama and style. In traditional settings, patterns such as Persian, Aubusson, ikat and dhurrie are more appropriate. While an area carpet doesn’t need to “match” the room, its style should complement the interior.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 5: Choose Colour
With the pattern determined, it’s time to select colours using ‘poms’, which are sample-sized tufts of carpet. Often, colours from existing fabrics are repeated in the area carpet to create a seamless flow. Conversely, it’s possible to create a dynamic piece of artwork for the floor, by selecting contrasting colours to draw attention to the design.

Step 6: Strike-Off Sample
Once pattern and colour are selected, a strike-off (sample) is produced for the client’s approval. It takes approximately four weeks for the designer to receive the finished strike-off and many more weeks (sometimes up to six months) before the finished carpet is ready for installation. Although it’s not a fast process (like most design tasks), it’s thrilling to create a one-of-a-kind area carpet when budget allows.

Step 7: Pulling it Together
With the new area carpet in place, furniture and style are added to the room in time for the client reveal.

Design Possibilities at your Feet


For those of you looking for an inspiring new ideafor your home, look no further than Freshome‘s collection of 30 floor designs that lay a world of possibilities at your feet.


When it comes to flooring, the colour palette, texture, pattern and quality are features that cannot be overlooked if you want the result to be fabulous. There are so many floor designs you can choose from that at times it seems extremely hard to match every detail.


The great news is that every style and budget can be met and inspirational photos can help you create your own personalized floor if you are willing to do it yourself.


Anything goes: wooden floors, colourful tiles, poured terrazzo flooring, hand painted wooden floors, porcelain tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, even leather tiles can adorn your living spaces. Choose the best style and colour for your home and try to have fun with each room’s interior design.

Creative resources can inspire you to come up with your own idea on how to use different styles and materials to create unique floorings for your home.


Look for a combination of textures that suit your room. Depending on the natural or artificial light that floods your interiors, some flooring designs can appear darker or lighter than in the show room, so be carefull with that.

If six inspiring flooring ideas just isn’t enough, check out the full list of on Freshome.