Design Express 2014: New York (Apr 30 – May 4)


Join Kimberley Seldon for a truly unique design express experience.

~ 5 days, 4 nights ~

customized events: nothing off the tourist menu
fine accommodations: stay in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria
great design: including private home tours
shop ‘til you drop: Kimberley’s favourite design shops
delicious food & wine: amazing tastes await your arrival
good friends: that’s where you come in!

Wednesday, April 30th to Sunday, May 4th, 2013

 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (before November 29th)   $3,995

Double Occupancy (Standard)   $4,495

Single Occupancy (Upgrade)   $1,295

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Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Travel Guide


If you’re dreaming of France, I have the perfect solution. Simply make your way to Newfoundland, that is, and catch a short flight to Saint-Pierre, a charming wee dot on the Atlantic, in France. Et voila .

Design Express

When American Express Canada approached me to test drive the American Express Gold Rewards Card, I was interested to see how far these points could take me. Earning double points on travel and everyday spending at the grocer, drugstore and gas station made it quick and easy to rack up the points. So, when Dabble headed to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, the first thing I did was book a round trip flight to St. John’s, Newfoundland. Saving $500 by booking the flight on points made it that much easier to enjoy all that St. Pierre has to offer.

Here are a few highlights…


The food in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon satisfies all French cravings–from wine and seafood to chocolate and delicate pastries. Order the salad from Mikhael Brasserie on Miquelon.


La Maison du Cadeau carries a robust selection of French wines and champagnes.


Fisherman Joseph Admond untangles his nets as he prepares for a day on the sea.


Once a week, a huge cargo ship like this one arrives with wine, fresh produce cheese, cars, and you-name-it from France. On the day it arrives in Miquelon, tour guide Anja Duthel makes sure she gets to the market in time to pick up a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables for her young family.

To read the full article, check out Travel by Design: Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Issue 3 July/Aug 2011.

Deals on Wheels

If taking the scenic route on your next trip involves renting a car, then follow our Dabble Express tips!

Tip 1: B. Y. O. GPS
Negotiating unfamiliar highways and rules of the road in a foreign city is a challenge made manageable with the help of a GPS. Most car rental companies offer them for around $15 per day. Or, do what I do and travel with your own portable version. I take “Gabby” (short for Gabriella Pareja Sanchez) everywhere. I have consistent guidance and the option to save favourite destinations.

Tip 2: Save money on your next car rental
• Book in advance to qualify for the best rates offered.
• Check rental company websites for discounts; most offer big savings and free upgrades.
• Frequent travellers may benefit from customer loyalty programs, which offer additional perks and upgrades.

Tip 3: American Express Gold Rewards Card
Save money on car rentals by using the points earned from your American Express Gold Rewards Card to cover the cost. Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance is another great benefit of the Card as it can save you the daily insurance fee (usually $16 to $23 per day) charged by the car rental company.