Kathy’s Challenge: Sanna’s Farmacia

Special Food Feature - Farmacia storefront

Sanna’s Farmacia
2096 Queen Street East

Detox: 3-day detox, 3 juices and 2 meals a day.

Juices: Start each day with 1 litre of lemon water and a powerful antioxidant shot.


Breakfast: Pineapple blended with a nutrient-rich superfood mixture. Mid-morning: Juiced apple with powerful greens. Lunch: mixed green salad with balsamic vinegar (no oil) with probiotic blend. Afternoon: ginger mixed with fruits and herbs. Dinner: veggies with lemon and sea salt (no oil).


Breakfast: Pulpy fruits such as banana, mango, papaya, pineapple, peach, melon, orange. Mid-morning: Juiced pear medley with veggies and turmeric. Lunch: Veggies with pulpy fruits with probiotic blend. Afternoon: Celery and garlic with traditional herbs. Dinner: veggies/salad with lemon and sea salt

Evening: Apple cider vinegar with veggies and juiced apple.


Breakfast: Various herbs combined with goji berries and fruits. Mid-morning: Beets with other veggies. Lunch: salad with pulpy fruits, lemon and probiotic blend. Afternoon: Ginger & lemon with herbs & hemp oil. Dinner: Veggies with hemp oil/ apple cider vinegar.

Special Food Feature - Farmacia Kathy

Meet Kathy

Kathy’s Goal: To remove toxins from the body and feel more energized.

Why Kathy Recommends It: A personalized meal plan is created for you. On the third day, you will feel energized, happy and healthy.

Special Food Feature - Farmacia juice

Amy’s Challenge: Greenhouse Juices

Special Food Feature - Green House Storefront

Greenhouse Juices
5 Macpherson Avenue

Standard Cleanse: 2-day cleanse, 6 juices a day, 2 boosts a day.

Juices: Early morning: Clean-Zing -Detoxifying, Metabolism Boosting, Cleansing.

Mid-morning: East of Eden – Digestive Aid, Heart Healthy, Cholesterol Fighting, Detoxifying.

Booster: E3 Live Booster -Hair, Skin & Nail Health, Brain Power, Mood Balancing.

Lunch: The Good -Detoxifying, Antioxidizing, Skin Purifying, Energizing.

Afternoon: Almond Milk -Energizing, Muscle Power, Heart Healthy.

Booster: Raw Aloe Booster- Detoxifying, Skin Purifying, Digestive Aid.

Dinner: Deep Roots- Lung & Liver Cleansing, Bone Strengthening, Heart Healthy, Antioxidizing.

Evening: Chia Seed Hydrator Alkaline Water, Chia Seeds, Lemon, Maple Syrup -Antioxidizing, Omega-3 Boosting, Detoxifying.


Meet Amy

Amy’s Goal: Do something good for the body.

Why Amy Recommends It: This cleanse will have your heels clicking and soul whistling from the stunning packaging to the surprising great taste of each juice. Green House Juices will even deliver the juices to you. She has also recommend that you buy Kratom to help boost your energy.

Special Food Feature - Green House Juices