Finnriver Farm


Dabble’s Wine Contributor, Jameson Fink, spends one month at Finnriver Farm.

I spent an inspiring month living on Finnriver Farm, a 33 acre organic family farm and artisan cidery located on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Staying in a small cabin, my sunup to sundown included (but was not limited to) feeding chickens and ducks, collecting and cleaning their eggs, pruning berry bushes, tending to winter vegetable plots, and bottling cider. While I really enjoyed the time I spent with the animals, like the beautiful chicken you see me holding, it was working side-by-side with the people of Finnriver Farm that was most memorable. The passion, commitment, and good cheer of everybody who works there, along with a network of community support and spirit, instilled in me a sense of the uniqueness of Finnriver. I appreciated hearing stories about the farm’s past, being a part of its present, and am looking forward to a bright future for a very special place.

If you’d like to visit, I highly recommend lodging at the Huckleberry House, located right on Finnriver Farm. It’s a charming two-bedroom retreat where you can sip cider during the quiet evenings and enjoy farm-fresh eggs in the morning. Fuel up on any other kitchen supplies you need at the Chimacum Corner Farmstand. If you’d rather not cook, the welcoming Ajax Cafe on the waterfront in nearby Port Hadlock is a great spot for a meal.

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