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What’s Trending in Baths


US$3000 – $10,000, TOTO

The Neorest 700H is engineered to provide its user with an unrivaled level of comfort. The ewater+  technology keeps the bowl clean and hygienic, while the Wonderwave Spray and warm-air dryer keep you feeling refreshed. 


US$1,200+, Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam’s new Virtual Spa System makes it fast and easy for you to create and visualize a personalized home steam shower. From the required generator and control components to optional accessories such as ChromaTherapy, AromaTherapy,MusicTherapy, wall seats and towel warmers,  all in a simple step-by-step process.

  1. Enter your shower dimensions and room material to automatically select the right generator for your enclosure size.
  2. Choose a control package and finish that perfectly complements your home.
  3. Select a convenient spa package or items a la carte.
  4. Opt for accessories that will enhance your steam experience, turning your home into a retreat from everyday life.
  5. Add a towel warmer to complete the experience, and your virtual spa tour is complete.


Jet Set Decorative Stone
Made to order, Walker Zanger

The Jet Set collection channels mid century glamour into a stunning collection of intricately realized patterns. Use them on bathroom floors, walls or as a kitchen backsplash.

How to Karim-ify Your Home


You name it and he’s designed it. Over 3,000 designs in production, countless awards and numerous collections for some of the world’s best known companies.

Dabble talks design aspirations and dreams with Karim Rashid in the March 2014 issue.

Here are Karim’s ten most important recommendations for the home:

  1. Create large white spaces with accents of strong positive colors.
  2. Knock down walls that are not structural and open up spaces as much as
  3. Have less but better furniture. Try to substitute 2 or 3 pieces with one.
  4. Impose order. Line everything up perfectly: vases, objects, books,
    stereo equipment. Order inspires. Order is Zen. Order is relaxing.
  5. Avoid curtains. Curtains are dirt and dust collectors and make spaces
    look smaller with added bulk and weight. Use seamless mesh blinds instead.
  6. Make do with less. And make sure you really want what you¹re buying. I¹m
    not anti-consumption per se but I think it¹s essential to consume with
    awareness. Buy only what you need.
  7. Use materials that are easy to clean and that age well. Plastic floors
    (laminates, vinyl sheeting, or artificial rubber) are lightweight and
    inexpensive materials that wear well and are more resistant to scratches and
  8. Avoid sharp edges. Let your space flow.
  9. Make your space reconfigurable.
  10. Embrace (don¹t fear) technology

Tips to Planning a Bathroom Reno

Kimberley Bathroom Segment2

Kimberley Seldon – Tips to Planning a Bathroom Renovation
(Originally aired February 20th, 2014)


Tips to Planning a Bathroom Renovation:

– A bathroom may be a small space, but there are plenty of small bathroom design ideas.

– If you’re buying a bathtub, for this Mckinney Texas plumber, the best advice is to make sure you sit in the one that you are going to purchase beforehand to see if it is comfortable. Apparently , many people make this mistake, thank for the advice!

– Collect images from Pinterest and Houzz and then determine a realistic budget.

– Determine which trades you will need and when (plumber, tiler, electrician to put in the electricity switchboard, vanity maker, etc.)

– Remember to keep a  10-20% contingency fee for unforeseen problems.

For more of Kimberley’s tips on planning a bathroom renovation visit Cityline

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