Gifts for the Baker


Here are some great ideas for the baker on your shopping list. Check out these great products from Nordic Ware.

(Featured Image) Cake and lollipops — need we say more? Get the best of both worlds with the Cake Pops Baking Pan. Serve cake or brownies on a stick!
Cake Pop Baking Pan, CA$20
The Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan is the perfect staple for bakers who like to keep tradition in the cake mix. This pan accomodates 10-15 cup recipes.
Anniversary Bundt Pan, CA$40
To ensure even the finest of details on all those holiday goodies, make sure you have the E-Z Deco Icing Pen in your kitchen. The perfect accessory to make sure all your tasty treats look as good as they taste, this handy appliance will become your best friend in the kitchen.
E-Z Deco Icing Pen, CA$10
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Holiday Pillow DIY


Carol Smyth from Vancouver is sharing an easy DIY pillow project from her blog The Design Pages. Make one for a friend, it’s a great gift.

* Pre-made pillow cover and pillow insert
* Pencil
* 2 different colours of felt (suggested: red or green for primary colour, brown for secondary)
* Fabric glue
* Cardboard

Step 1

Create a cardboard circle template that is approximately 1 1/2′ in diameter. Using a pencil, trace 28 circles onto your primary fabric and then cut them out.


Step 2

Place a small dot of glue at the bottom of one circle and then pinch the area together so that it forms a petal. Hold it for a few seconds or until the glue is dry. Repeat this step for all 28 circles.


Step 3

Using a secondary colour of felt, cut a 1′ x 2′ rectangle and place it lengthwise near the bottom of your pillow cover. This will be your tree trunk. Place one petal directly above the tree trunk with the pinched section nearest the top and then lay three petals on each side. Decrease the number of petals in each row until you reach one.


Step 4

Once you have determined the placement of each petal, start gluing the petals into place. And there you have it. A simple, yet festive, addition to your holiday decor.