Madagascar Unmasked


Experience the wilderness of Madagascar in this travel post by guest blogger, Nellie Huang of Nellie was Dabble’s featured blogger in Issue 5‘s I Dabble In… profile.

There are few places as remote and wild as Madagascar, and even fewer that offer such fulfilling and authentic travel experiences.


La Grand Isle (as it is known in French, meaning the big island) is like nowhere else on Earth: it is home to a unique group of endemic animals and plants which had evolved after the island’s separation from the African continent 165 million years ago. Only in this part of the world can you find cheeky lemurs, chameleons and ferocious fosas, as well as bizarre-looking baobab trees and spiny forests.


We experienced the wilderness of Madagascar–sleeping in the forest, watching lemurs and chameleons in their natural habitat and flowing down rivers on dugout canoes.


In the Kirindy forest, we saw the adorable grey mouse lemur upclose and personal and watched sifakas leap from one tree to another. At the Tsingy de Bemahara, we climbed sharp karst rock faces to get a awestriking view of the jungle from above. Back in the town of Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, we wandered through the colorful and bustling central market, taking in Malagasy culture. By the time we got to Morondava, we were thrilled to be feasting on cheap and delicious seafood at Chez Maggie.


Kicking back at the laidback, empty beach town of Ifaty, where the ocean and spiny forests surround us, I’m writing this from our thatched-roof beachfront bungalow at the gorgeous Hotel Le Paradisier–the sun is setting before me and the ocean is turning from a shade of deep blue to golden. I’m blessed to be here, and can’t wait to see what more surprises Madagascar has to offer.

Madagascar is an excellent place to get in touch with raw, unspoiled nature. Read more about the wildlife, nature and beautiful people of Madagascar on Nellie’s blog, Wild Junket.

At Home with Grace Bonney


Grace Bonney–the brains behind Design Sponge, a blog that features entries on design, before and after pics and DIY projects–recently shared photos of her apartment.

This kitchen exudes a comfy, homey feel. It’s classic and functional and makes you want to spend your entire day gazing out the window.

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In contrast to the kitchen, this space is both modern and eclectic. The crisp white wall is awakened with a speckled lamp. Very chic!

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Love this photo of travel blogger Nellie Huang dabbling in adventure.

Nellie was featured in Dabble’s 5th Issue as our I dabble In profile.

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How to be a good traveller


Travel journalist and thrill seeker, Nellie Huang shares tips on being a good traveller. Nellie was Dabble’s featured blogger in Issue 5’s I Dabble In profile.

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A ‘Good’ Traveller–

Has an open mind and welcomes any form of adventure! I think this is quintessential to maximizing one’s experience while travelling. If you’re too afraid to try the local exotic food (grasshoppers!) or have qualms about visiting the Tannery (too smelly for you?), then you really might be missing out on some great stuff!

Respects other cultures and is genuinely interested in a different heritage. I have met many world travelers who surprisingly shock me with mocking remarks on certain traditions and customs they are unable to accept.

Speaks politely and blends in. You see them everywhere, the bunch of loud-mouthed teenagers talking at the top of their voices at the Piazza, the group of drunk Brits on the beach of Ibiza slurring loudly, they stand out like flamingos, and no the locals don’t usually like them.

Understands cultural differences and does not expect others to speak in her/his language. Many English-speaking travelers make the mistake of assuming that everyone speaks English too, and gets frustrated when they don’t. (I used to be one. Damn I’m ashamed.)

To read the entire article, visit Nellie’s blog Wild Junket.


How Flexible


Doesn’t this make you want to jump on your bicycle, head to the gym and get fit? We’re loving Daniel Lacerda’s amazing yoga pose.

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Landscapes of the Arctic


Experience for yourself the breathtaking landscapes of the arctic in this travel post by guest blogger, Nellie Huang of Nellie was Dabble’s featured blogger in Issue 5‘s I Dabble In… profile.

There’s something haunting about the Arctic landscapes: aqua blue icebergs floating on crystal water, massive glaciers crackling in the background towered by snow mountains.


Few places boast such striking physical appeal and raw wilderness as the polar regions. Since returning from the Arctic, I’ve found it hard to get the images of sparkling glaciers and sounds of trickling ice water out of my head.


My arctic expedition with Gap Adventures took me around the Svalbard archipelago of the High Arctic region. This group of islands belong to Norway, although geographically, they are closer to the North Pole than continental Europe.


Besides being the largest wilderness of Europe, this is also one of the Arctic regions that offer the widest variety of landscapes, wildlife and ecosystems.

Each day of our Arctic expedition presented to us starkly distinctive landscapes: from brown moss-covered mountains one day to thousand-year-old glaciers the next. Through our cabin windows, we would wake up to see frosty ice fields in the morning, then green tundra slopes by night. There wasn’t a single moment of monotiny in our backdrop.


To read about Nellie’s full experience in the Arctic, please visit Wild Junket.

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