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Southern Exposure


Southern exposure is coveted because the daylight lasts so long on this side of the house. The sunlight makes its way from intense white light to lingering warmth as the sun moves in the sky. While white walls look great in sunlight, they take on a creamy look when bathed in much-coveted southern sunlight. So, you’ll want to watch for undertones of yellow if you are aiming for a gray or blue white

  • Long lasting sunshine elevates mood. Similar to east facing rooms.
  • The mellow glow of southern light visually warms rooms. Very desirable locations.
  • Intense mid-day light can cause glare and eye strain. As with eastern exposures.
Colour Cue:
  • Rich blues and greens lose intensity but can appear to glow. Therefore, when I want a full, rich blue or green for a southern exposure I may dial up my choice — pick something just a little more intense. To compensate for the loss of intensity.
  • Browns appear less somber in a south facing rooms. I love chocolate and mink browns. They work really well in southern and even eastern exposures because the yellow emphasis in sunlight brings out the red tones, which are the basis for brown.
  • Window walls appear darker, as they only receive reflected light. Therefore, if you are choosing paint colour make sure to see your sample throughout the space.
  • Mid-tone colours look fresh in the daytime, become richer at night. One of my favorite things about southern exposures.

Paint Recommendations: