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Interview with Lidewij Edelkoort

Photo by: Ruud Van Der Peijl

Photo by: Ruud Van Der Peijl


DAB:You have forecasted trends for some of the biggest brands on the planet– is there one brand that you are particularly fond of? 

One of the most successful products that have come from my forecasts is the Nissan Micra, which I have helped invent since 1987. In 1993 it won Car of the Year and received numerous other prices. This was the first time that a car manufacturer had asked a trend analyst to design a car, and even though I don’t drive (!), it became a big success. It was also the first time an automotive maker truly considered lifestyle as an important tool for the conceptualization of a product. The Micra represented an emerging lifestyle that fused opposites like work and leisure, outside and inside, body and soul. Over the past three decades, I have also helped create electronics for Philips, beverages for Sprite, watches for Swatch, shoes for Camper, cosmetics for Estée Lauder, fragrances for L’Oréal and telecommunications for Siemens, among countless other products and services. Some of the most important projects in my career have been related to social movements and consumer trends for ministries and cities, notably the Dutch Ministry of Environment and Public Transport, the country’s Brabant region and for the city of Lenz in France.

DAB: What’s the next technological advancement coming in interiors, including kitchens, and how important is it to be innovative?

One of the biggest trends in kitchens these days is actually people’s love of cooking that has been taken to new heights, sometimes turning the kitchen into a creative laboratory. This means that appliances and accessories need to be much more sophisticated. Controlling temperature with precision is one such technology now accessible to everyday consumers, as seen in the new Chef Collection oven by Samsung. One can prepare different foods at different temperatures all at the same time or continue to warm something while other foods finish cooking. Other appliances such as fridges and dishwashers are turning into intuitive high-tech thinking machines, elevating the humble kitchen into a smart professional workspace.


DAB: How does quality design enrich a person’s life?

Design is everywhere, even in places we don’t notice. It’s therefore important that design reflects our lifestyle and how people are evolving. The importance of the well-being industries has, for example, elevated scent, soap, food, textiles and accessories as well as hotels, spas and sports clubs to becoming almost spiritual places. We are able to recharge and reinvigorate ourselves in these design temples.

DAB: What do you Dabble in when you are not trend forecasting?

To be honest, everything I do and see if related to my work, so my holistic lifestyle is strongly connected to my forecasting work. But I am actually an avid cook and love reinventing dishes for my friends over the summer months when I’m travelling less. In the future, I also hope I will be able to dabble in painting!

DAB: Tell us about your trip to Canada this year and your role in helping to launch the Samsung Chef Collection?

I was invited to share some important farm-to-table lifestyle trends, which are very important for the Canadian market; especially now that the boundaries between town and country are blurring. I was happy to help launch Samsung’s Chef Collection because it’s a very well-designed high-quality group of appliances. I am especially in love with the Samsung Chef Collection 4-door refrigerator which is quite smart itself and economic energy-wise. This was actually my first public appearance ever in Canada! Toronto was inspiring since I was able to see an artistic side of the city, visiting some local design and fashion stores. I look forward to coming back again soon.


GoldenEye – The Home of Ian Fleming

“I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to live the rest of my life in Jamaica.”

~Ian Fleming

Design Contributor Nicholas Rosaci at GoldenEye in Jamaica. Photography by Angela Auclair

Design Contributor Nicholas Rosaci at GoldenEye in Jamaica.
Photography by Angela Auclair

On the northern coastline of Jamaica, in the parish of St. Mary’s, is the GoldenEye Hotel and Resort. This Caribbean hideaway, comprised of 13 luxury villas and lagoon cottages has restaurants, pools, spas, and beaches. It’s also got Bond. James Bond. Well, at least it has his essence.

GoldenEye is an oasis which has played host to legendary visitors such as British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, Noel Coward, Elizabeth Taylor, Truman Capote, Errol Flynn, and more recently Jay Z and Beyoncé, Martha Stewart and Bono. (Martha and Bono were not there together!)

Beloved British author, Ian Fleming purchased these 15 acres of land in 1946. He turned the donkey race course (we’re not making this up) into a 3 bedroom bungalow and named it GoldenEye. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea one can no doubt understand how Fleming grew inspired to write the 14 novels of his now famous James Bond 007 series.

The estate was purchased by Bob Marley in 1976, and sold one year later to record mogul Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records. Blackwell propelled Reggae music worldwide and catapulted the careers of Bob Marley, Grace Jones and U2.

GoldenEye Hotel & Resort, formerly the home of Ian Fleming. Photography by Angela Auclair

GoldenEye Hotel & Resort, formerly the home of Ian Fleming.
Photography by Angela Auclair

Recently renovated, GoldenEye re-opened in 2010 with an additional 17 rooms. The décor has an organic-tropical vibe that just may inspire you to do something creative.


Ian Fleming wrote all 14 novels of the James Bond 007 series at GoldenEye.

Not planning a trip to Jamaica this year? Then check out Pierce Brosnan (a gorgeous Bond!) in the movie of the same name. GoldenEye.