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Shabby Chic, Updated!

Shabby chic decor first appeared in California in the late 1980s — back then it was represented in whites and pastels, a very feminine look.

And while the guiding principles — weathered pieces, reclaimed materials — remain the same overall, the colour palette has evolved. Instead of a white or oatmeal-coloured sofa slipcover you now might find one in a lush charcoal grey.

“We love the fact that things look slightly used,” Kimberley Seldon says. “Things look a bit worn, a bit aged, more forgiving in terms of useability.”

Another way to incorporate the shabby chic look into your home is to reupholster and/or recane a vintage chair you find at a yard sale or flea market. Bringing in a weathered wooden coffee table is also an option.

“I see new moms struggle so hard with wanting everything to be white,” Kimberley says. “There are ways you can be a bit more practical (by using darker colours).”

As for what colours to use, lavenders and purples are very trendy right now. The idea is to get away from white but to keep the well-worn, well-loved, non-matching look. Consider adding a cut velvet throw pillow or two to your couch, or a patchwork rug made with reclaimed fabric.

Watch the video clip with Kimberley for more ideas on how to achieve the “shabby chic” look.

Originally aired on on May 19, 2011.