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There’s Really an App for That: Trufflehead


I’m interested in any app that will get cooking novices young and old away from Angry Birds and into cooking birds, so it was my pleasure to take Trufflehead for a spin. The cooking app, whimsically named for the ‘valuable nuggets of information beneath the surface of every recipe, was designed by Dr. Deborah Chud. ‘The possibility for a healthier generation of people is a reality,’ Dr. Chud believes, ‘and that generation is more attached to their iPhones and iPads than bulky laptops or books.’

To get started you select a dish from one of the main categories. I enjoyed the whimsical, breezy, and humorous tone to the text that introduces each recipe. It gets you to relax and have fun in the kitchen, even if it is the most anxiety-inducing room in your home: ‘Calamari (a.k.a. squid) are mild-flavored sea creatures that dream of an afterlife in which they’re bathed in marinara sauce.’

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The recipe details include tabs for ingredients, instructions, and equipment. I love all the clickables that will, for example, give you a balsamic vinegar primer, walk you through cutting an onion into rings via a slide show with audio, and take you to see a photo of a carving knife. You can even view all the nutritional details of each recipe.

The reference section has everything from an extremely useful table of standard measurements to guides to help you understand the impact of your food choices.


I had a lot of fun clicking my way through Trufflehead. It’s a testament to the thoughtful design and ease of use that makes it fun to browse. I did, however, find myself accidentally pressing the Recipes and Reference button when I was trying to hit the forward and backward arrows to scroll through recipes. The tiny arrows are a little too close to the bottom for my clumsy fingers. And I’d like the recipes in the alphabetical index to be clickable. But these are minor quibbles. Anything that, like Trufflehead, helps demystify, educate, and even entertain aspiring cooks is a welcome addition. And now excuse me while I run out to get a wine for that Balsamic and Sweet Onion Pot Roast….

Big thanks to Trufflehead for providing Jameson with the Trufflehead app for review. This new healthy cooking app for the iPhone and iPad can be purchased through iTunes.

To read Jameson’s column, ‘There’s An App for That’ in Dabble, check out Issue 6 Feb/Mar 2012.