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Jameson Fink Archives - Kimberley Seldon's Dabble

Issue 18 – Sep 2014

There’s an App for That: Blue Mountain Brut & Fried Green Tomatoes

Photography by Gunter Marx Photography Courtesy Destination British Columbia

Photography by Gunter Marx Photography
Courtesy Destination British Columbia

Blue Mountain Brut gets its bubbles using the same high-quality method as in France’s Champagne region, making it rich enough to appreciate solo, yet packing plenty of refreshment for a wide variety dishes.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes
Photography by Simon Burn

 What makes the two so cozy? Well, no wine loves fried food more than sparkling wine. Its sparkle cuts through any crunchy exterior with refreshing aplomb. And with a lively zing, a wine like the Blue Mountain Brut can hang with a tangy combination of green tomatoes, goat cheese and tomato chutney. A lovely duo for celebrating a laid-back afternoon.

The Start to Every Healthy Meal


The start to nearly every healthy meal is a hearty salad and the perfect glass of wine, says Dabble’s wine expert Jameson Fink.

Read the entire article ‘There’s an App for That – Salad’ in Issue 9 of Dabble.

Finnriver Farm


Dabble’s Wine Contributor, Jameson Fink, spends one month at Finnriver Farm.

I spent an inspiring month living on Finnriver Farm, a 33 acre organic family farm and artisan cidery located on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Staying in a small cabin, my sunup to sundown included (but was not limited to) feeding chickens and ducks, collecting and cleaning their eggs, pruning berry bushes, tending to winter vegetable plots, and bottling cider. While I really enjoyed the time I spent with the animals, like the beautiful chicken you see me holding, it was working side-by-side with the people of Finnriver Farm that was most memorable. The passion, commitment, and good cheer of everybody who works there, along with a network of community support and spirit, instilled in me a sense of the uniqueness of Finnriver. I appreciated hearing stories about the farm’s past, being a part of its present, and am looking forward to a bright future for a very special place.

If you’d like to visit, I highly recommend lodging at the Huckleberry House, located right on Finnriver Farm. It’s a charming two-bedroom retreat where you can sip cider during the quiet evenings and enjoy farm-fresh eggs in the morning. Fuel up on any other kitchen supplies you need at the Chimacum Corner Farmstand. If you’d rather not cook, the welcoming Ajax Cafe on the waterfront in nearby Port Hadlock is a great spot for a meal.

To read more about Jameson’s month on the farm, visit: Jameson Fink – Wine Without Worry.

Drink in Seattle

Seattle Drink3

There are many things to love about living in the diverse  neighborhood. A leisurely walk in almost any direction puts you in contact with a dizzying range of places to get everything from a cold beer, a great glass of wine, or an expertly assembled cocktail. Here’s a selection of places where you’ll undoubtedly run into our wine expert Jameson Fink.

“All I ask is that you say hello, tip your bartenders generously, and tell ‘em Dabble sent you.”

Seattle Drink1

Top 5 Drink Experiences

1. It’s almost enough to recommend a visit to Poco Wine Room just to meet ownersBart and Peter, whose sense of humor is intoxicating. Add in a sleek, modern atmosphere, a vibe that can facilitate everything from contemplative solo reading to unbridled group hilarity, and you’ve got a neighborhood wine bar to frequent and cherish.

2. After you and your friends order a wild boar Sloppy Joe peruse the über-impressive list of beers on tap at Quinn’s. That beer selection gives Quinn’s the cachet to get those special, limited edition kegs of beer (I cannot name names or I will be banned) that our local, rabid beer geeks get wind of and drain in under an hour.

Seattle Drink2

3. You’ve got to check out the gorgeous new Sun Liquor Distillery location on Pike. And how many bars have an on-site distillery? Say hi to Erik, one of the friendliest bartenders in the city, and don’t be afraid to engage him with all queries spirits-related. He’ll probably even let you drone on about your life a bit as well. (Thanks for listening, friend.)

4. I knew Gregg as one of my all-time favourite wine customers, but when I found out he was a bartender at Knee High Stocking Co., I had to let him pour me a drink. Text them to make a reservation and then ring a bell at a hidden-in-plain-sight location. Request a seat at the bar so you can banter with Gregg, and start with a glass of their punch du jour.

5. I’ll admit I first came to the Barrio solely to drink the excellent margaritas but, if you go on a night Casey is behind the bar, get ready for some cocktail innovation. I became mildly obsessed with a ghost chili-infused tequila with which he makes a myriad of memorable creations.