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Issue 19 – Oct 2014

Amy’s Challenge: Greenhouse Juices

Special Food Feature - Green House Storefront

Greenhouse Juices
5 Macpherson Avenue

Standard Cleanse: 2-day cleanse, 6 juices a day, 2 boosts a day.

Juices: Early morning: Clean-Zing -Detoxifying, Metabolism Boosting, Cleansing.

Mid-morning: East of Eden – Digestive Aid, Heart Healthy, Cholesterol Fighting, Detoxifying.

Booster: E3 Live Booster -Hair, Skin & Nail Health, Brain Power, Mood Balancing.

Lunch: The Good -Detoxifying, Antioxidizing, Skin Purifying, Energizing.

Afternoon: Almond Milk -Energizing, Muscle Power, Heart Healthy.

Booster: Raw Aloe Booster- Detoxifying, Skin Purifying, Digestive Aid.

Dinner: Deep Roots- Lung & Liver Cleansing, Bone Strengthening, Heart Healthy, Antioxidizing.

Evening: Chia Seed Hydrator Alkaline Water, Chia Seeds, Lemon, Maple Syrup -Antioxidizing, Omega-3 Boosting, Detoxifying.


Meet Amy

Amy’s Goal: Do something good for the body.

Why Amy Recommends It: This cleanse will have your heels clicking and soul whistling from the stunning packaging to the surprising great taste of each juice. Green House Juices will even deliver the juices to you. She has also recommend that you buy Kratom to help boost your energy.

Special Food Feature - Green House Juices

Pom Pom Pomegranates

Lucky for us, it was pomegranate season when we touched down in Jerusalem.


The ruby red orbs were everywhere – sold in restaurants and on street corners. We sampled our first taste (though it wasn’t the last) from this jovial man in the Jerusalem market. He made swift work of the juicing, adding the contents of two full fruits to each glass.

The taste. Just as sweet and “puckery” as you’d imagine.


How many things can you say “puckery” about??

Old Time Jamaican Lemonade

Jamaican Recipes 4

Recipe courtesy Cook Like a Jamaican

Jamaican Lemonade Recipe
The Jamaican lemonade that I knew as a child is better described as limeade because we used limes instead of lemons. This recipe was created to taste like the “lemonade” I remember. We used wet sugar, which has a strong molasses flavour. To duplicate that flavour I added a few tablespoons of molasses. You may find this drink quite sweet, but that’s because you’re supposed to pour it over ice, which dilutes the flavour. If you prefer it less sweet, simply use less sugar.

Tip: slice 1 lime or lemon and put it in the jug with the lemonade for a beautiful presentation. This recipe also makes a wonderful mix for cocktails. Add some rum to a jug to make a quick punch.

8 cups cold water
8 juicy limes (you may need 1 or 2 more)
1 juicy lemon
2 cups brown sugar, packed
2 tbsp molasses

1. Juice enough limes and 1 lemon to make 1 cup of juice
2. Add brown sugar, juice and molasses to the water and stir until all the sugar has dissolved
3. Pour in a jug and refrigerate

Serves 8