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Business of Design Conference 2014

conference 2014

Join us for these two full days of working sessions designed to build business, grow profitability and increase client satisfaction. For complete conference details, please visit www.business of design.com.

Vancouver | Business of Design Seminar Series



A 3-Day Seminar to Transform Your Business and Your Life

Intensive full-day training courses for beginner to professional decorators, designers, stagers and industry experts eager to learn Kimberley’s own patented formula for running a successful full-service design business.

Business of Design™ I
Gain client and trade confidence
Boost company profits
Increase word-of-mouth referrals

Business of Design™ II
Defining your unique company experience
Concise contracts
Budgeting with assurance

Business of Design™ III
Get a “yes” from clients
Track and bill for design hours
Turn projects into promotional vehicles

Layers & Layers
102-343 Railway Street

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6 Colourful Puertorrican Expressions

Puerto Rico Expressions

A special kind of learning takes place when you see a country through the eyes of a local guide. As I toured Puerto Rico with Ana Dapena, her pride and enthusiasm were infectious. Along the way, I learned some colourful expressions that added to my travel experience (all family approved).

“Cuando Colón baje el dedo.”
When Columbus puts his finger down. Compares to: when hell freezes over.

“Ese huevo quiere sal.”
That egg wants salt. That person has a hidden agenda or is up to something.

“A lo hecho, pecho.”
If you’re going to make a mistake, at least do it with a proud chest.

“Me lo da en arroz y habichuelas.”
Tell me in rice and beans. Or, dumb it down; give it to me in layman’s terms.

“Sudando la gota gorda.”
I’m sweating a big fat drop. Compares to: sweating like a pig.

“Puse cara de cabro degollado.”
To give the face of a slaughtered animal in order to illicit pity from someone.