Industry Profile: Lesley Anton

Industry Profile - Lesley Anton5

Don’t call Lesley Anton a ceramic artist, although she is one. Lesley is a true potter. You know the type. One who barely notices the lines of clay under her nails at the end of the day. While her potter’s wheel keeps on spinning, this busy mother of 13-year-old twins and wife to actor Craig Anton keeps her household running flawlessly while maintaining her successful company, Lesley Anton Handmade Ceramic Lighting. Dabble visits Lesley in her 1923 Spanish-style bungalow in LA and follows her to the office for a ‘day in the life’.

1- DAB: There’s lots going on in your life. How do you stay calm and focused?
LA: Maybe the calmness comes from my Nebraska roots. I do know my creative work comforts me, it’s a calming influence.

2- DAB: Your one-of-a-kind ceramic table lamps occupy a rare niche.
LA: It’s true, so much of what we consume today is mass-produced. You could say I am an old school perfectionist. I believe in quality.

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3- DAB: Your brand emphasizes wheel thrown pottery rather than slip casting.
LA: Essentially, in the wheel thrown technique, each piece is unique. Whereas, in slip casting, each piece is an exact reproduction. My personal preference is wheel thrown pieces.

4- DAB: Your home is a Spanish-style bungalow from 1923. Did the ceramic fire surround speak to you when you first saw the place?
LA: Yes. Many houses built in LA’s early days have fireplaces with Batchelder tile. When we bought, our house was in unusually vintage condition considering some of the major add-ons. The original kitchen was destroyed and thankfully the wood floors, Batchelder fireplace, ceiling mouldings and arches are all intact and the place still has tons of charm.

Industry Profile - Lesley Anton

5- DAB: What drives your creative choices?
LA: My personal design motto is: Buy what you love.

6- DAB: now that you are an institution in the lighting market, what’s next?
LA: I recently debuted a line of dinnerware called Lesley Anton: Utility which is an exciting venture.


Day in the Life of Lesley Anton


Dabble visits ceramic artist, Lesley Anton, in her 1923 Spanish-style bungalow in LA and follows her to the office for a ‘day in the life’.

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