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Colour Trend for 2013: Pastels


Lemon Sorbet 2019-60 is being called out as Benjamin Moore’s 2013 colour of the year and the palette is shifting from super saturated and strong hues to softer, lighter pastel shades.

The 18 other trend colours that Benjamin Moore is serving up for 2013 are equally as delicious as Lemon Sorbet, and they’re proposed in combinations that create a feast for the eyes when teamed with existing home furnishings. With Lemon Sorbet as the common denominator and assured to complement any or all of the other Benjamin Moore paint colours named, the suggested combinations include:Combo 1–Teacup Rose 2170-50, Spring Dust 2150-40 and Baja Dunes 997
Choose one colour for a single or all walls, one for the ceiling and another for trims, mouldings, and other accents.

Luxe Desert Retreat

  • Jamie used a grasscloth wallpaper in the foyer and hall to create textural interest without distracting from the beauty of the moulding.
  • “Reflective quality doesn’t always have to be glass, marble or other hard surfaces. Shine also comes from fabrics like the silk velvet material on the sofa cushions.” ~ Jamie
  • A classic white kitchen with framed cabinetry and white Calcutta marble countertops complements the home’s traditional elements. A custom marble mosaic on the back of the island acts as powerful art in a neutral colour scheme.
  • In the master bedroom, Jamie demonstrates that it is completely acceptable to put a bed in front of a window.
  • “I reoriented the floor plan and put the bed in front of the window deliberately to make the bed front and center in the room.”

You wouldn’t know it from its formal interior, but this 7000 square foot home is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, amidst the deserts and the cacti. Designer Jamie Herzlinger is up to the challenge of transforming the house from top to bottom with her client’s specific vision in mind: luxe desert retreat.

When you enter the home you are instantly greeted by the 19th century Dutch corbeille-shaped canapé which sits on top of Marie Antoinette patterned hardwood floors: the entrance showstopper.

Jamie designed a niche in the foyer to give the room a large presence. The mirror, that sits above the Marquetry commode, purposely reflects into the dining room.

Jamie describes this space as refined elegance because it’s not too formal but formal enough to go from jeans to black tie.

Jamie says the key to achieving a similar look is to always keep it simple. A neutral palette should have different variations of white and flexible lighting, including table lamps and a chandelier like the Sophia Chandelier by Jan Showers. Desert life never looked so luxe.

Photography by Werner Segarra.

Red, White & Green

  • Pine Adirondack chairs—painted “Mountain Stream” from Pittsburgh Paints—sit sentry year round on the wraparound porch.
  • Simple parson chairs strike a festive pose when tied with a bright red ribbon and decked with humble ornaments.
  • Lynnette uses white Stargazer lilies throughout the home as a reminder of Christmas in New Zealand, where people typically decorate for the holidays with an abundance of fresh cut flowers.

Lynnette and Mitchell Eisen created a family home that combines elements of their respective childhoods—hers, beach front New Zealand, and his, a wraparound porch in Toronto. The charming result is a practical home that welcomes family and friends with natural light and and casual comfort.

“Find something from nature like the bark on a tree, or a sentimental decoration, and use that as inspiration. Be creative and let the design reflect your individuality.” ~Lynnette 

Winter whites and natural earth tones bring nature’s palette indoors. The effect is enhanced by large windows that make the connection stronger still, infusing the country home with natural light.

Perfectly Organized Bookshelves


After sharing our take (well, 3 takes to be exact) on how to really organize those bookshelves, we went on the hunt for more inspiration. This post by guest blogger Amanda Burdge of AB Home Interiors Blog is just what we were looking for.

Perfectly Organized Bookshelves

I cannot tell you how many bookshelves I have styled over the years. Like candy coated pipe dreams, clients organize, shuffle and shove everything into less than Martha Stewart perfection.

So how on earth do we come up with our brilliant creations? It isn’t complete rocket science (well, maybe), but designers do look first at the shelf, the color, the style, and finally how those books relate to the whole. From there we start sorting like creative scientists gone mad! Expertly master-minding where and how each piece will fit into the puzzle.

Beautiful Matching Books

These suckers are hard to come by. Gone are the days of encyclopedias, thanks in big part to the information highway. But you can find beautiful sets of encyclopedias at vintage bookstores, and antique malls. Books that are the same size, and color are pleasing to the eye and create a resting point. Not to mention it grounds the shelves visually so the overall look is easy to read.

Add Accessories

To help break up the monotony of book after book, add accessories for visual interest. It is also a great place to display prized mementos to show off to your guests.


Colour Palette

Keep books and accessories with in a particular color palette, that matches your existing furnishings. By keeping everything in the same color palette the bookshelf makes sense.


Honour Thy Books

If you love books, and have more than you care to give away, devote an entire room that respects and honors your collection. If the shelves can’t be simplified, create a simplified room that is pleasant and easy. Get rid of all the clutter and allow the books to be the focal point.

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