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Southern Exposure


Southern exposure is coveted because the daylight lasts so long on this side of the house. The sunlight makes its way from intense white light to lingering warmth as the sun moves in the sky. While white walls look great in sunlight, they take on a creamy look when bathed in much-coveted southern sunlight. So, you’ll want to watch for undertones of yellow if you are aiming for a gray or blue white

  • Long lasting sunshine elevates mood. Similar to east facing rooms.
  • The mellow glow of southern light visually warms rooms. Very desirable locations.
  • Intense mid-day light can cause glare and eye strain. As with eastern exposures.
Colour Cue:
  • Rich blues and greens lose intensity but can appear to glow. Therefore, when I want a full, rich blue or green for a southern exposure I may dial up my choice — pick something just a little more intense. To compensate for the loss of intensity.
  • Browns appear less somber in a south facing rooms. I love chocolate and mink browns. They work really well in southern and even eastern exposures because the yellow emphasis in sunlight brings out the red tones, which are the basis for brown.
  • Window walls appear darker, as they only receive reflected light. Therefore, if you are choosing paint colour make sure to see your sample throughout the space.
  • Mid-tone colours look fresh in the daytime, become richer at night. One of my favorite things about southern exposures.

Paint Recommendations:


Rustic Red


These pin-worthy images found on Pinterest are inspiration for the weekend ahead. Happy Canada Day (and July 4th)!


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Splash of Colour


Naughty child. Getting sent to the corner never looked this fun when we were kids. Love how Bob and Cortney Novogratz used colour and stripes to create energy in the often ignored corner of a room.

To read more on Bob and Cortney, read Issue 6: Feb/Mar’12.

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Red, White & Green

  • Pine Adirondack chairs—painted “Mountain Stream” from Pittsburgh Paints—sit sentry year round on the wraparound porch.
  • Simple parson chairs strike a festive pose when tied with a bright red ribbon and decked with humble ornaments.
  • Lynnette uses white Stargazer lilies throughout the home as a reminder of Christmas in New Zealand, where people typically decorate for the holidays with an abundance of fresh cut flowers.

Lynnette and Mitchell Eisen created a family home that combines elements of their respective childhoods—hers, beach front New Zealand, and his, a wraparound porch in Toronto. The charming result is a practical home that welcomes family and friends with natural light and and casual comfort.

“Find something from nature like the bark on a tree, or a sentimental decoration, and use that as inspiration. Be creative and let the design reflect your individuality.” ~Lynnette 

Winter whites and natural earth tones bring nature’s palette indoors. The effect is enhanced by large windows that make the connection stronger still, infusing the country home with natural light.



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A Heartfelt Space

  • What’s the benefit of designing your own living room? “Complete creative license,” says interior designer Jennifer Brouwer.
  • Jennifer shopped at Arteriors for the tall table lamps with dramatic black shades. The side tables and buffet from Geovin are lacquered red while the curtains and ottoman are custom pieces by Jennifer Brouwer Design.
  • Jennifer says the secret to mixing and matching different patterns is to select six to ten different fabrics, toss them on the sofa, stand back and see which ones work in the space and which ones clash.

“I am a firm believer in the psychology of great design.” ~Jennifer

Jennifer’s challenge was to create a 240 square foot office / showroom / living room to be shared by children and a busy working mom and her staff.

Located in Markham, Ontario, Jennifer Brouwer Designs is a showroom office where clients are invited to visualize the endless possibilities of a design project. Though Jennifer selected a palette her three children love, the Burberry inspired focal wall and fire engine red accessories are all her.

Through a full scale renovation, Jennifer wanted to show staff and clients that starting with great bones and good furniture gives you the freedom to transform spaces with paint and accessories. Jennifer says, “Once Valentine’s Day passes, I can swap the large heart painting by Una Johnstone with something more fitting for spring.”

Jennifer hired Barbara Rocha from Paint a Lifestyle to create the large scale Burberry inspired striped wall using Black Iron (2120-20), Exotic Red (2086-10) and Litchfield Gray (HC-78) from Benjamin Moore. The pattern is applied on one wall while the others (including the ceiling) are painted black; allowing decorative elements to pop. When using bold patterns and colours, says the designer, less is more. “What you omit from a room is as important as the things you include.”

Photography by Donna Griffith