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savvy Archives - Kimberley Seldon's Dabble

Charleston’s Top 5 Antique Shops

Dabble Does Charleston33

1. South of the Fashion District on King, the Lower King Street Design District has more than its fair share of Antique shops. Biggs and Powell, Alexandra and John Pope Antiques (ABOVE) are just some of the best high end antique stores in the area. Be prepared: these shops don’t have affordable little knickknacks or flea market type finds; you’ll be spending big bucks when you shop here.

Dabble Does Charleston95

2. Elizabeth Stuart Design is where Charleston’s most design savvy shop. Explore Muffie Faith’s elegantly eclectic boutique, curated with an incredible array of furniture, jewelry, and home décor selections including treasures from Charleston’s very own Sally Benedict, Kate Davis and Harper Poe.

3. Hop in a car or arrange for a taxi (cabs are difficult to find, ask your hotel for assistance) and head to Charleston’s West Ashley area where the city’s designers shop. Antiques of South Windermere and 17 South Antiques are perfect for an off-the-beaten-path antique hunt.

Dabble Does Charleston103

4. Located in the Lower King Street Design District, South of Market offers rustic and sophisticated French furnishings. The ever evolving shop is overflowing with antiques, re-purposed objects and home décor finds that make it one of the south’s leading sources for interior design. Stop in, it’s lovely.

Dabble Does Charleston96

5. If you like religious iconography, architectural salvage or one-of-a-kind treasures, visit Parham & Co. It’s one of the only antique shops located in the Fashion District, but it’s well worth the walk. Say hello to the family’s bichon frisé.


The Art of Living

  • Jessica and Asher Richter relax in their colourful living room with three-year-old rescue, Coco Bean.
  • Leafy greens bask in the glow of under cabinet lighting.
  • The green glass tile backsplash is a playful contrast to the sleek walnut countertop.
  • In the master bedroom, blue-grey walls and crisp white drapery create a mellow vibe for Benny, the couple’s English bulldog (seen relaxing on the cool cotton bedding).
  • Rosie, a pit bull mix and five-year-old rescue, out for a three-legged stroll in the shade of the back patio.
  • "Though compromise is key to the success of a designing couple, Jessica and Asher agree that blues and greens are perfect for home."

Young and hip, Jessica and Asher Richter are busy entrepreneurs and owners of Weego Home and Weego Baby in Santa Monica. The dynamic pair create work/life balance through colour, compromise and the company of their adorable dogs, Benny, Rosie and Coco Bean.

The Art of Relaxation

Inviting, cozy and relaxing—words Jessica and Asher Richter use to describe their airy modern home.

“We want our guests to relax and feel at ease,” says Jessica.

The living room is filled with colour and eclectic accents like a 70s-style hanging basket chair and geometric patterned area rug. Plump pillows in vibrant floral patterns give the mink brown sofa its personality.

“I have had the entrepreneurial bug and a love for interior design since childhood,” Asher says. Clearly his talents are all grown up though he’s quick to point out that he loves to have fun with decorating.

In June 2003, Asher opened Weego Home on Main Street in Santa Monica. Customers couldn’t get enough of the store’s chic products and savvy design advice, so he teamed up with Jessica to open a second shop, Weego Baby.

The Art of Colour

“The kitchen is a natural gathering spot on the way from the living room to the back patio,” Jessica says. The magnetic chalkboard paint on the walls and pops of green colour on the glass tile backsplash create a fun vibe for guests (and resident pets).

The Art of Cool

“The back patio doubles as our outdoor retreat and year-round dining room,” Asher says. When Rosie, the couple’s five-year old rescue dog, sits outside, she stays cool near the large palm plants encased in sturdy cement planters. “And when it’s really hot,” Asher laughs, “she likes to doze in the shade under the teak dining table.”

So how does a designing couple work and live together? Jessica is quick to respond, “We both respect each other’s style and opinion. In our home, the unspoken rule is . . . compromise.”

Since adopting Rosie and Coco Bean as playmates for Benny, Asher and Jessica agree: “Our dogs bring us so much joy and truly make our house a home.”