Books and Beer in Prague

Prague 25

A short walk from Schwartzenberg Palace is the Strahov Monastery. While it’s still an operating basilica, the real attractions here are more earthly—books and beer. The gawk-worthy Theological Library dates from the 17th century and contains more than 200,000 volumes housed in an elaborately stuccoed and ceilinged room.

Check opening times—like many Prague Castle attractions, the Theological Library is closed from 11:45am–1pm.


Strahov Monastic Brewery serves simple Czech fare and, according to beer snobs, a heavenly brew. Take a seat on the patio or in the newly renovated restaurant.


The Library gift shop has lovely crystal paperweights and fine stationery to take home.

Schwartzenberg Palace, Prague

Prague 26

Schwartzenberghy Palác

A rare and impressive collection of Baroque Bohemian art is behind the sgraffito* clad walls of this well-preserved Renaissance palace. Despite the unfamiliar artists’ names, the paintings and sculptures are masterful. And to be fair, had history been different, we’d likely know these artists as well as we know the names Titian, Ruebens and Rodin.

Design Lesson

*Sgraffito is an Italian method of building up patterns using plaster of contrasting colour.