Flatout Fab – DIY Table

With the perfect blend of matte and metallic, DIY Guy Nicholas Rosaci transforms a dated table. Va va voom.

Sandpaper – Medium grade
Furniture piece
Spray paint – metallic
Paint brush
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Annie Sloan Dark Wax
Soft cloth
Large bristle brush
Short bristle brush

DIY Guy - Annie Sloan Paint

Lightly sand an existing piece of furniture. Spray one coat of a metallic paint on (because why not? it looks cool) and let it dry for 24 hours.


Apply a coat of Chalk Paint® on the table but apply less in certain areas where you want the metallic colour to shine through. This project is shown in Paris Grey.

Once the first coat is dry, apply a second, thicker coat of paint and use a blow dryer on the highest setting to blow hot air on the wet paint to create a subtle crackle finish.

When the second coat of paint is completely dry, apply a thin layer of clear wax with a large bristle brush, and wipe off excess wax with a soft cloth. Apply the dark wax with a smaller bristle brush into the cracks and anywhere you wish to add an aged patina look. Wipe off any excess dark wax with a cloth.

DIY Guy - Annie Sloan Paint

Dabble Savvy: Paint the interior drawers in a vivid colour like hot pink.

DIY Guy - Annie Sloan Paint Interior Drawer

Bar Cart DIY

A retro Salton Hot Table is rescued from oblivion—returned to a life of purposeful, colourful service.

Dabble Post

Serving or bar cart (aka, a good find)
2 Colours of Spray Paint – Outdoor/Indoor – Krylon – gloss
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Wrapping Paper

Always pay attention to the road ahead, but keep an eye on the curb for treasures that may be abandoned.

Using metallic gold Krylon spray paint, evenly coat all exposed metal parts, including the wheels and black rubber tires. Paint the rest of the cart in a contrasting colour.

Mod Podge is a gift to DIY’ers who long to turn objects into decoupage treasures. Select a decorative wrapping paper and cut to fit the required areas. Use a paintbrush to coat the bottom of the tray and place wrapping paper on its surface. Smooth out any bubbles with your hands and apply another coat of the Mod Podge over wrapping paper to seal the surface. Let dry overnight.

Dabble Savvy: Poke holes in air bubbles with a needle, smooth with a paintbrush.

From Issue 15 – May 2014 

Bottle Service – Transforming an Old Bar Cart

Spring has sprung and so have yard sales, or as I like to call it, “Stop the car” season! Keep your eyes peeled for treasures because you never know what you will find on the side of the curb and at an early morning garage sale.

While driving through my neighborhood,  I spotted a bar cart at the side of the road. To my satisfaction, it was a retro Salton Hot Table – a popular item in the 60s and 70s for keeping plates hot. The cart was in amazing shape and I was thrilled someone threw it away.


I instantly envisioned a colourful bar cart for serving refreshing summer cocktails during dinner parties. The hot table component was easily removed by cutting the electrical cord and removing four mounting screws from the wood support on the sides.

Once removed, I measured the opening and got a new piece of wood cut at a big box store to fit the inside bottom and reused the middle wood bracket for maximum support. The wood areas were painted lime green and the metal hardware was painted gold. I cut a piece of lime green faux snakeskin wrapping paper to fit the bottom of the trays using Modge Podge to secure and protect the paper.


Read the step-by-step instructions in the May 2014 issue of Dabble.

DIY Guy: Rockabye Birdie

DIY Guy - Mobile3

Nicholas Rosaci’s DIY dreams branch out into an enchanting and elegant baby’s room decoration.


– 2 faux branches, 2′-3′ long
– Spray paint
– Felt sheets, 8½”x 11″(medium stiffness / weight)
– Pencil or disappearing fabric marke
– Craft / utility knife
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Pompoms
– Decorative rhinestones
– Craft glue
– Tweezers
– 4 pieces of string (length depends on ceiling height)
– 6″string for each bird
– Hole punch
– 2 ceiling hooks

DIY Guy - Mobile9


Spray paint inexpensive, fake branches. Choose a colour that best suits baby’s room décor.

Print out the bird and flower templates and photocopy them to desired size. Cut the shapes out using sharp scissors. Position each template onto a sheet of felt, securing with removable tape. With a disappearing fabric marker or pencil, carefully draw the outline of each template onto the felt and then cut out the shape.


To give the bird dimension, use a craft knife and ruler to create a small slit in the centre of the template (in the position of the wings). Slide the wing cutout through the slit. Glue rhinstones in place to create the bird’s eyes —tweezers make the task easier.

Tip: To keep the wing securely in place, make the slit only as wide as the centre width of the wing.

DIY Guy - Mobile6

Using the flower blossom cutouts, layer three sizes to create the blooms. Position the largest flower at the bottom and the smallest one on top. Add a small dab of glue to adhere the layers and then finalize with a pompom in the centre. Finish by adding some rhinestones to the centre of each flower’s pompom.


When you’re ready to hang the mobile, tie a 6″ string to each bird by poking a hole in the top centre of the bird using a hole punch. Tie the other end of string to the branch so the bird hangs at the desired length. Arrange the birds in a loose fashion with felt blossoms
interspersed at random intervals. Glue the flowers directly onto the branches. Finally, tie long strings to each end of the branches and hang the mobile from two or more ceiling hooks at the desired height.

*Please Note: As with any DIY, the quality of the project varies. For safety, hang the finish project, either well out of reach of a child standing in the crib, or on the wall as static art.

DIY Guy: Copper Showstopper

DIY - Penny Table2

“Penny for your thoughts” says Dabble’s DIY Guy, Nicholas Rosaci as he makes cents of his latest project.


– Table of your choice
– Pennies
– 2 cups distilled white vinegar
– 1 tbsp table salt
– Small container
– Lepage® No More Nails adhesive glue
– Copper coloured spray paint


– Envirotex Pour On High Gloss Finish or other polymer coating


Scout thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, antique stores and used furniture stores to find a small, inexpensive but practical table to adorn.

In order to clean pennies, mix vinegar and salt in a small container and soak several at a time in the mixture. Wait three minutes and remove shiny pennies from the container. Rinse coins under warm water and pat dry.

DIY - Penny Table5

Tip: Don’t clean valuable or collectible coins. Removing the tarnish (patina) reduces their value by as much as 90%.

Spray paint the table a copper or bronze metallic colour to match the pennies. Dupli-Color® automotive paint in metallic copper is a great match.

Tip: If you feel like spending a little more on the project, use nickels and spray the surface silver instead.

DIY - Penny Table4

Glue each penny onto the table until its surfaces are completely covered. Work closely around the base, sides and top of the table and adjust the position of the coins to minimize gaps.

DIY - Penny Table3

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you choose to cover the table with a clear coat of polymer.

Tip: Double the layer of pennies for greater depth.

DIY - Penny Table6


DIY Guy: Candy Coated

DIY - Jubejube1

Nicholas Rosaci turns Jujubes into a sumptuous showpiece. “This festive DIY is deliciously easy to make.”


– Styrofoam cone: 24” H, 6” diameter base
– 4 pounds of Jujubes (approx.)
– Toothpick for each Jujube
– 5” cake pin
– Decorative bead or crystal
– 8” candle base


– Hot glue gun /sticks (For a non-edible Jujube tree)
– Automotive spray paint


When selecting Jujubes, choose the colours, shapes, and sizes that complement your style and décor. Candy canes, peppermints and rock candy are great alternatives to Jujubes. Remember to buy extra candy since you’re bound to eat a few while making your tree.

Starting from the top and working in rows, insert a toothpick into each Jujube and push them, one at a time, into place on the Styrofoam cone. For a decorative, non-edible Jujube tree, affix the candies to the cone with a drop of hot glue. Make sure the glue gun is set to “low” so the glue doesn’t melt the Styrofoam.

DIY - Jubejube6

Up the glam quotient with a crowning crystal bead (available at craft stores). Slide the jewel onto a cake pin (also available at craft stores) and insert the pin through a larger Jujube. Push the crystal adorned Jujube finial into the top of the Styrofoam cone.

DIY - Jubejube5

In a well ventilated area, spray paint a candle base using automotive spray paint, which is durable and comes in a variety of glittering metallic finishes. Nicholas is using a shimmering green to complement his blue Jujube tree.

DIY - Jubejube7

Finish the festive masterpiece with a feather boa wrapped around the bottom of the tree base. Tip: To give your Jujube tree as a gift, wrap the entire thing in clear cellophane and top with a ribbon.

Tip: A strand of white feathers add glam.

DIY - Jubejube4