Take 3: Herb

Dried or fresh? There’s only one answer for the enthusiastic home cook. Herbs from the garden (or the kitchen window sill) make the meal. Dabble’s in-house design team dug up three display worthy herb garden ideas.


Beyond Basil
If you’re ready to go beyond basil it’s likely you need a large vessel to contain your choices. This rustic barrel inspired pot is ideal for a country setting.

Dabble Savvy: Starting with the vessel you want to fill simplifies the decision process when it’s time to purchase herbs.

Take 3 - Herb Garden


Glass Hothouse 
Any glass container is ideally suited to hold an herb garden. The angled opening of this contemporary vase makes reaching in for clippings a snap…a snip?

Take 3 - Herb Garden 2


Vintage Pots
If you crave order, you’ll love placing your herbs in individual pots.

Dabble Savvy: Use a label, such as the vintage tin ones seen here, as decoration or as a tool to teach children about herbs.

Take 3 - Herb Garden 3