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Personality Walls

We love the personality big scale ideas inject into small spaces. Tiny nooks or gathering areas—even the smallest niche can have high impact with embellished walls and creative treatments. 

Time to give your walls personality? 


Design credit: Kimberley Seldon Design Group


Design Credit: leclairdecor.com


Colour Trend for 2013: Pastels


Lemon Sorbet 2019-60 is being called out as Benjamin Moore’s 2013 colour of the year and the palette is shifting from super saturated and strong hues to softer, lighter pastel shades.

The 18 other trend colours that Benjamin Moore is serving up for 2013 are equally as delicious as Lemon Sorbet, and they’re proposed in combinations that create a feast for the eyes when teamed with existing home furnishings. With Lemon Sorbet as the common denominator and assured to complement any or all of the other Benjamin Moore paint colours named, the suggested combinations include:Combo 1–Teacup Rose 2170-50, Spring Dust 2150-40 and Baja Dunes 997
Choose one colour for a single or all walls, one for the ceiling and another for trims, mouldings, and other accents.

Faux-Paneled Walls with Tape DIY


True chicness is not about how much something costs, but what you made from something simple! Using masking tape, a craft knife, a pencil, a ruler, and some paint, this project is a quick DIY.

Here’s what I did in my dining room with a little TLC and some black masking tape. Just look at the selection:


This simple and sophisticated DIY is sure to add architectural interest to boring, plain Jane walls. It is perfect for small spaces where you want to draw the eye in and upward, or to break up a long expanse of wall.


I started with a simple box outline and added a Greek key inspired detail. Change it up with an ‘X’ detail using skinnier masking tapes stretched from corner to corner. Imagine it behind a headboard. Try doing faux-paneled walls in classic black and white for a fashion forward Coco Chanel look that never expires. You can even create a stunning Burberry inspired plaid wall, using a variety of tape sizes and paint. This is a non-permanent wall treatment, so get imaginative!