Take 3: Behind the Sofa

Courtesy Cityline

Don’t leave the back of your sofa exposed. Kimberley Seldon has three takes on what you can put behind your sofa. She also has great tips on how to get the stains on your recliner off.

A desk:
Add a functional piece of furniture like a desk. You can watch television or hang out with the family and do work at the same time. This desk can serve a variety of purposes such as a buffet for food or a bar when entertaining.

Dabble Savvy: The bigger the carpet, the bigger the room looks, so purchase large coordinating carpets for each space.


A dining set:
If you have a small space and are wondering how to have both a living room and a dining room in your home, try pushing them together. This creates a very intimate and functional space. When buying a chair, try to choose fabric that has texture — this will help everything come together.

Dabble Savvy: Put the dining room chairs on casters, so you can wheel them into your living space for extra seating.

Dining Room

A matching sofa:
If you have space for two conversation areas, add a matching sofa to create an intimate and cozy space. Add a coffee table and chairs if there’s room or consider foot stools for smaller spaces. You can use one space for conversation and company, and the other to watch television.

Dabble Savvy: If you don’t have matching sofas, put a console table between the two.


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