Colour Therapy


A punch of colour does wonders for your mood. Perhaps that’s why Maria Killam, decorator and colour expert, is in such demand.

As the woman behind the popular blog Colour Me Happy, Maria provides information and advice on everything related to colour and home decorating. Now, she’s sharing more tips in her new book, ‘How To Choose Paint Colours. It’s all in the Undertones.’

To read more about Maria, visit Issue 6: Feb/Mar’12.

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At Home with Grace Bonney


Grace Bonney–the brains behind Design Sponge, a blog that features entries on design, before and after pics and DIY projects–recently shared photos of her apartment.

This kitchen exudes a comfy, homey feel. It’s classic and functional and makes you want to spend your entire day gazing out the window.

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In contrast to the kitchen, this space is both modern and eclectic. The crisp white wall is awakened with a speckled lamp. Very chic!

To read what Grace Dabbles in, check out Issue 7: Apr/May’12.

Read the entire article ‘I Dabble In – Grace Bonney’ in Issue 7 of Dabble.

How to be a good traveller


Travel journalist and thrill seeker, Nellie Huang shares tips on being a good traveller. Nellie was Dabble’s featured blogger in Issue 5’s I Dabble In profile.

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A ‘Good’ Traveller–

Has an open mind and welcomes any form of adventure! I think this is quintessential to maximizing one’s experience while travelling. If you’re too afraid to try the local exotic food (grasshoppers!) or have qualms about visiting the Tannery (too smelly for you?), then you really might be missing out on some great stuff!

Respects other cultures and is genuinely interested in a different heritage. I have met many world travelers who surprisingly shock me with mocking remarks on certain traditions and customs they are unable to accept.

Speaks politely and blends in. You see them everywhere, the bunch of loud-mouthed teenagers talking at the top of their voices at the Piazza, the group of drunk Brits on the beach of Ibiza slurring loudly, they stand out like flamingos, and no the locals don’t usually like them.

Understands cultural differences and does not expect others to speak in her/his language. Many English-speaking travelers make the mistake of assuming that everyone speaks English too, and gets frustrated when they don’t. (I used to be one. Damn I’m ashamed.)

To read the entire article, visit Nellie’s blog Wild Junket.


How Flexible


Doesn’t this make you want to jump on your bicycle, head to the gym and get fit? We’re loving Daniel Lacerda’s amazing yoga pose.

To read what Mr. Yoga dabbles in, visit Issue 2: May/Jun’11.