Lesser Town, Prague - Kimberley Seldon's Dabble

Lesser Town, Prague

Prague 23

Malá Strana

If green space appeals, pack a picnic and wander through Lesser Town. Several locations are ideally suited to idle wanderings and picnics.

Wallenstein Gardens

Valdstejnska zahrada

Built to rival Prague Castle, Wallenstein Palace is currently home to the Senate of the Czech Republic. The Baroque style palace and adjacent gardens offer a pleasant distraction for those who enjoy a moderate walk (approximately 40 minutes from Old Town).

John Lennon Peace Wall

A peaceful riot of graffiti adorns the artful wall, inaugurated by anti-communists at the death of the well-loved Beatle in 1980. Grab a Sharpie and leave your mark or pose for a campy photo.

Prague 22

Kampa Island
Na Kampeě

Sparkling waterways give this area its nickname as the “Venice of Prague”. In its peaceful setting between the Vltava River and Devil’s Stream, the public benches and wide shade trees of Kampa Island are a welcome respite on hot days. Modern art enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to funky Museum Kampa.

Vrtbovska Garden

Vrtbovská zahrada

Behind this tough-to-spot admission gate is an exquisite Baroque garden with graceful stepped terraces, decorated banisters, and handsome statuary positioned within tailored flowerbeds and hedges. I happened upon a wedding one day and was warmly invited by the celebrating guests to join in.

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