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More Simple Pleasures


Friends come in all sizes.

more simple pleasures1

We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Nashville with Culley Ingram and her two lovely daughters, Blythe and Nola. While there, Blythe was keen to show us her ‘magic’ play room on the third floor. En route to play central, we spotted the family art gallery (above). Mom created a colourfully executed display space on the back staircase.

more simple pleasures2

At the top of the stairs, a sun filled space opened up and the white walls had lovely hand painted tree branches with birdies on perches.

more simple pleasures3

One full wall was taken over by a selection of costumes, while the other had everything a little girl might need to host tea time for her dolls. Blythe was a lovely tour guide and she was right, her play room is magical.

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