Surfing Sisters

  • When you enter the house, the stairs are an immediate focal point. The stripes are painted with Stark Paint.
  • The sisters invested in appliances such as the pink Blue Star stove. Its colour stands out brilliantly in the white cabinetry.
  • Using the sisters' own bedroom furniture, the designers treated the floor to a bubblegum pink colour and added the vintage chandelier.
  • Designers Bob and Cortney Novogratz pasted Matt Siren's poster of the "Ghost Girls" all over the room, providing graphic drama. To make the wall treatment more durable, the posters are painted over with clear varnish.

When two artsy sisters bought a home, sight unseen, from a foreclosure sale in the Far Rockaways of New York state, they envisioned a perfect hideaway surf pad. Fortunately the chic siblings, Debra and Katherine Chen, hired two funky designers, husband and wife duo Bob and Cortney Novogratz from 9 by Design. Looks like it’s surf’s up from here on out.

Most designers only dream of having free rein in a client’s home. Starting with an empty shell, this house didn’t even have real stairs going up to the second floor. It didn’t have a kitchen either. But what it did have was vision, thanks to surfer residents Debra and Katherine.

The siblings asked the designers to create a distinct home where they could entertain friends and family in comfort. The Novogratz’s quickly saw an opportunity to inject colour, personality and most importantly, functionality into the home. Using the sisters’ admiration for Betsy Johnson as a jumping-off place, Bob and Cortney harnessed the colour pink and brought their dreams to life.

The casual and comfy living room features custom toss cushions soon to be available through the designers’ home décor collection. A dynamic rug, which reads “girrrlll” reflects the clients’ fun side. The floral wallpaper is custom from Flavorpaper and it’s strategically placed to inject style and personality without overwhelming the space.

For more on the Surfer Sisters’ home and Bob and Cortney’s designs, watch Home by Novogratz on HGTV Canada.


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