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pink Archives - Kimberley Seldon's Dabble

Spring Forward

  • Panelled walls and cofferred ceiling, were designed and installed to satisfy the clients’ craving for architecture more commonplace in stately east coast homes. The sunburst mirror is a “placeholder” to enjoy until a large scale piece of artwork is purchased.
  • Art: Oil painting by artist Michelle Armas provides a counterbalance to the geometric prints on the furniture and pillows.
  • Kitchen: The all-white kitchen gets its drama from dark stained 5” wide rift cut white oak floors, with a Rubio Monocoat oil finish. The table and Navy chairs are Restoration Hardware.
  • Dining Room: White panelled wainscotting is handsomely paired with a Phillip Jeffries grass cloth (Manila Hemp Graphite 3444). The head chairs, backed in raspberry, create a flow of colour from room to room.
  • Children's Bedroom: Fiorella likes to take her colour cues from the clients—pink and green are obviously a favourite combination for the girls (age 4 and 6) in residence.
  • Family Room: “We rotated the kitchen and removed walls so all the rooms face the back yard and pool area.”

When clients moved from Connecticut to sunny Menlo Park, it didn’t take them long to shed those extra layers required for warmth back home and embrace their new lighter California lifestyle.

The designer created a blend of east coast-west coast that would respect her client’s love for architecture with a pedigree and inject a more playful west coast palette.

The result? Springtime, year round.

Photography by Frank Paul Perez

Industry Profile: Karim Rashid

Industry Profile - Karim Rashid3

You name it and he’s designed it. Over 3,000 designs in production, countless awards and numerous collections for some of the world’s best known companies.

Dabble talks design aspirations and dreams with Karim ― and asks for insights on the power of pink.

1- DAB: What is your greatest source of inspiration when it comes to designing
furniture, products and interiors?
KR: Every project is different and has its own set of inspirations. And since my work touches every aspect of daily life, it is hard to summarize in just a few words. But in general, I am inspired from the criteria of the project. Limitations and restrictions many times make me more creative. I always say that don’t see things as problems, I see them as opportunities. And I am inspired from our milieu, the time in which we live, our daily social lives, our human interaction and behaviors, the prevailing technologies, the new materials and my dreams of the utopian world I would like to live in.

2- DAB: What is on your design bucket list?
KR: On my list is to design private houses, design a museum, design low-income dwellings, design an electric car, have a Karim fashion clothing line, and I would like to work with companies such as adidas, LG, Bose, Boeing, Bang & Oulfsen, Ferrero Italy, H&M, T-Fal,Numark, Conair, Bionnare, Johnson & Johnson, Kartell, Herman Miller, Braun, IKEA, Vitra, Fiat, Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Fornarina, and too many others to list… I think they all make intelligent products but some lack real human connections and my language and philosophy could really help shape their brand-future. And I would like to design a bucket for Rubbermaid for my list ….haha.

3- DAB: Having created so many interesting spaces, is there one that you feel especially fond of?
KR: My first hotel I designed is in Athens, Greece. Completing the Semiramis hotel in Athens in 2004 gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment because I realized that beyond an object, I can design an experiential living organism. It afforded me to design over 100 interiors since then. Recently I designed the Nhow hotel in Berlin which became an extension of the Semiramis concept where I design a living experience from micro to macro. I am so proud of them both and hear constantly from people that they feel so complete, comfortable, but inspired staying at these hotels.

4- DAB: How do you redefine yourself and stay in the now?
KR: I try to stay free from outside sources. I try and think that I am not form this planet and observe the world in the most objective way possible. I like to relax by the pool at our new home in Miami Beach. I sneak in a day or two to relax and work on my physical and mental and spiritual health. I am writing my new book, sketching, painting, listening to music, watching rare films, sun tanning, sleeping, and dreaming and thinking about the world, about love, about people, about peace, about beauty, and about one romantic engaging fulgent energetic seductive inspiring place we call earth.

031.tif Neigaard photo2120.tif

BoConcept’s Ottawa Collection was designed by Karim Rashid and came out Spring 2012. The collection features the light grey felt and grass green Ottawa Chair (LEFT) from the dining collection and the Espresso Cups.

5- DAB: You wear a lot of pink and white. When it comes to design, what’s your fave combo?

KR: There are really millions of colors so it is ridiculous in this life to have a single favorite of anything – favorite song, favorite book. The beauty of this farrago in life is the broad diversity and choice of everything. But I do love pink and techno colors—colors that have a vibrancy and energy of our digital world. I use colors to create and work with the experience, or the human engagement of that certain task or function.

6- DAB: What’s the secret to using bold colors in a space?
KR: I feel that we should be open-minded to explore, play, interchange, colors. I like a kaleidoscopic environment or a confetti of color! I use pink and acid colors often as well as florescent colors to speak about this digital age, as if the colors popped out of my computer. But at the same time, in a blank white space there is nothing more energetic and exciting than a burst of color within a monochromatic environment. Color is one of the most beautiful phenomena of our existence. It is a spiritual phenomenological euphoria.

7- DAB: How can design enrich a person’s life?
KR: I try to develop objects and spaces to be inspiring, so one can feel a moment of being truly alive. I design objects and spaces as de-stressors—objects that bring enjoyment, not encumbrances, that simplify tasks and increase our level of engagement. Our lives are elevated when we experience beauty, comfort, luxury, performance, and utility seamlessly together. Design must evolve us – and create a beautification and betterment for society.

Surfing Sisters

  • When you enter the house, the stairs are an immediate focal point. The stripes are painted with Stark Paint.
  • The sisters invested in appliances such as the pink Blue Star stove. Its colour stands out brilliantly in the white cabinetry.
  • Using the sisters' own bedroom furniture, the designers treated the floor to a bubblegum pink colour and added the vintage chandelier.
  • Designers Bob and Cortney Novogratz pasted Matt Siren's poster of the "Ghost Girls" all over the room, providing graphic drama. To make the wall treatment more durable, the posters are painted over with clear varnish.

When two artsy sisters bought a home, sight unseen, from a foreclosure sale in the Far Rockaways of New York state, they envisioned a perfect hideaway surf pad. Fortunately the chic siblings, Debra and Katherine Chen, hired two funky designers, husband and wife duo Bob and Cortney Novogratz from 9 by Design. Looks like it’s surf’s up from here on out.

Most designers only dream of having free rein in a client’s home. Starting with an empty shell, this house didn’t even have real stairs going up to the second floor. It didn’t have a kitchen either. But what it did have was vision, thanks to surfer residents Debra and Katherine.

The siblings asked the designers to create a distinct home where they could entertain friends and family in comfort. The Novogratz’s quickly saw an opportunity to inject colour, personality and most importantly, functionality into the home. Using the sisters’ admiration for Betsy Johnson as a jumping-off place, Bob and Cortney harnessed the colour pink and brought their dreams to life.

The casual and comfy living room features custom toss cushions soon to be available through the designers’ home décor collection. A dynamic rug, which reads “girrrlll” reflects the clients’ fun side. The floral wallpaper is custom from Flavorpaper and it’s strategically placed to inject style and personality without overwhelming the space.

For more on the Surfer Sisters’ home and Bob and Cortney’s designs, watch Home by Novogratz on HGTV Canada.


Entertain Me: Pajama Party

Sweet Dreams Spritzer

1 oz Vodka
½oz Raspberry Liqueur
½oz Pomegranate Liqueur
2 oz white grape juice
4 oz Yellowglen Pink

Combine vodka, liqueurs and white grape juice with ice and shake well.

Strain into an 8 oz martini glass and top with Yellowglen Pink.

Entertain Me - Pajama2

Fave chick flicks

Need a Laugh: Bride Wars
Good Cry: The Notebook
Evil Boss: The Devil Wears Prada
Long Distance Love: The Holiday
Love Conquers All: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Entertain Me - Pajama6


Set the scene for a night of “no makeup” with an invitation assuring guests this is a “girl’s only”event. Be sure to add BYOP (bring your own pillow) to the invite. If budget allows, send a pre-party loot bag with cute slippers.

Entertain Me - Pajama1

Main Event

Let emotions guide the movie choice. Need a good cry? Steel Magnolias and Ghost are classics that never fail to stir up tears and, more recently, The Notebook. If it’s true romance you are craving, The Holiday is sure to leave the girls sighing. In Serendipity, two people find true romance when they least expect it.

Grab the popcorn, dim the lights and click PLAY.

Entertain Me - Pajama3

Sleep Tight

If you have a bed for every guest, great. Otherwise, consider a blow up mattress or even a padded camping surface to provide additional sleeping quarters. Sweet dreams.