CONTEST: 24″ Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher – Contest Closed

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Win a 24-inch Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher!
This stainless steel 24” Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher with recessed handle is among the quietest in North America. Features include Variable Spray Pressure for better cleaning performance and a sanitize option to eliminate bacteria and enhance drying results. Exceeding Energy Star requirements for water, the Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher also reduces energy usage by up to 20 percent.

Value: $1,049
Courtesy Bosch

Contest closed

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  1. Ruta Rusinas says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win a 24-inch Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher – form, function and design – all in one appliance. Bottom line – it looks sleek and sexy!

  2. Joanne Linton says:


  3. Hi there – is this daily entry?

  4. I always specify Bosch for my clients – would be nice to have one for myself.

  5. I need one!

  6. Sandy Searle says:

    Good Luck to me!!!

  7. Jan McGrath says:

    My dishwasher is still trying to chug along. I save energy by running my machine when I go to bed. It likes to talk to me so I know it is still sitting in the kitchen.and hasn’t rattled itself right out of the door. The rumbeling and the grinding of gears are somewhat noisey but I’m always happy when I open the door and see that only one dish support holder has rusted and plunged to the floor of it’s compartment.
    A new and totally functioning dishwasher would be a wonderful additon to my appliances. Old faithful has been loyally bumping along and if I could offer it a respit, I am sure that it would be thanful to me for helping my dear dishwasher retire before father time takes it’s toll.

  8. would love to win, Bosh is so quiet, mine is noisy,

  9. My dishwasher is on it’s last legs and I would love to replace it with my dream dishwasher if I win. Or I might give it to my son whose dishwasher is broken and at this time, he can’t replace it.

  10. 3 Athletic teenaged boys + 5 meals a day + snack plates + smoothie cups + 10 year old Kenmore dishwasher + engineer for a husband ( I know icing on the cake, he is Mr I’ll Jimmy it to make it work) = partially clean, thank goodness I don’t stand at the sink all day, mani on these dish pan hands what’s the point? pick me , oh purty please!

  11. what a wonderful gift, mine to is noisy

  12. I love Bosch appliances. They are beautiful workhorses in the kitchen.

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