CONTEST: 24″ Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher – Contest Closed

Contest - Bosch - Featured

Win a 24-inch Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher!
This stainless steel 24” Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher with recessed handle is among the quietest in North America. Features include Variable Spray Pressure for better cleaning performance and a sanitize option to eliminate bacteria and enhance drying results. Exceeding Energy Star requirements for water, the Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher also reduces energy usage by up to 20 percent.

Value: $1,049
Courtesy Bosch

Contest closed

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CONTEST: KitchenAid Electric Kettle – Winner Selected

On the Web - KitchenAid Kettle Win a KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series Electric Kettle

The Pro Line® Series Electric Kettle is built for speed. It quietly boils water in minutes. The variable temperature control allows you to select the exact temperature you desire to help you achieve optimal results.

Value: CA$179.99
Courtesy KitchenAid

Winner Selected!

Congratulations to Janet Duff from Brampton, ON

CONTEST CLOSED: Monday, May 25th, 2014

CONTEST: SodaStream Revolution – Winner Selected

Contest - Revolution

Win a SodaStream Revolution
Carbonate your own water to make sodium-free beverages. Win the Revolution Black model with two 1L Carbonating Bottles and twelve syrup samples. No more plastic bottles and cans!

– Automatic Carbonation with 4 Fizz Levels
– New Snap Lock Bottle Mechanism
– CO2 Level Indicator

Value: CA$232
Courtesy SodaStream Canada

Winner Selected

Congratulations to Valerie Aston from Stouffville, ON

CONTEST CLOSED: Monday, May 25th, 2014

Where To Stay in Jamaica: Half Moon

Dabble does Jamaica103

It doesn’t get much more perfect than the RockResort, Half Moon.  Named after its crescent shaped 2-mile private coastline, this oceanfront complex offers guests the prettiest beach in Montego Bay.

Dabble does Jamaica102

While indulging in the luxury of Half Moon, giddy-up and take a horse ride along the coastline. Guides will even lead the horses into the ocean with you in the saddle. The resorts activities include a world-class championship golf course designed by Robert Trench Jones, 51 swimming pools including an Olympic size lap pool, and a “Swim with the Dolphins” experience which is overseen by multiple pool management companies to ensure the guest has the absolute best experience.

TIP:  Consider using the complimentary shuttle or rent a golf cart to get around the impressive 400-acre sprawling grounds.

Dabble does Jamaica27

Enjoy a fresh cut coconut from the many palms surrounding the decadent accommodations of Half Moon. 32 bedroom Royal Villas are situated along picturesque sunrise beach.  Each Villa is decorated in cool tropical colours, has it’s own private swimming pool, garden terrace, and is staffed with a cook, housekeeper, and butler.

Dabble does Jamaica104

Jamaica: Top Spots in Ochos Rios

Ochos Rios is the ideal antidote to winter. Here are 6 warm reasons to visit now.

1. In 1955, the famed English playwright, Noël Coward purchased a retreat 1,200 feet above Blue Harbour for $150. Here he would build a simple house, which he named Firefly. The hilltop property boasts incredible views of the north coast of Jamaica which is open to the public for exploring.

Statue of Noel Coward at Firefly Photography courtesy Angela Auclair

Statue of Noel Coward at Firefly
Photographed by Angela Auclair

2. Famous for its Jam-Italian fusion cuisine, the restaurant Evita’s has hosted many celebrities including Princess Margaret and Brad Pitt. The menu celebrates creativity and has garnered a reputation as “the best little pasta house in Jamaica”.

Contributor Nicholas Rosaci poses with Evita and a Chef. Photographed by Angela Auclair

Contributor Nicholas Rosaci poses with Evita and Chef in the kitchen at Evita’s.
Photographed by Angela Auclair

3. Right outside Ochos Rios are the breathtaking Dunn’s River Falls, which are over 600 meters high and cascade through steps of crystal clear water into the Caribbean Sea. Be brave and climb the falls at Jamaica’s most famous water attraction or be led in a human chain by an experienced Falls Guide.

Dabble does Jamaica96

Climb Dunn’s River Falls alone or with a Falls Guide.
Photography by Angela Auclair

4. Wassi Art is the premier place for a one of a kind Jamaican pottery. Local artists create beautifully sculpted and painted merchandise in plain view of their audience. If you are looking for something special, it’s worth spending an afternoon right here.

Dabble does Jamaica93

See pottery being made first hand at Wassi Art.
Photography by Angela Auclair

5. Located on the Good Hope Plantation, David Pinto’s Ceramic Art Studio offers an immersive and educational look into the fundamentals of ceramic making. David’s world recognized work ranges from clay teacup to spectacular life size objects of art.

Dabble does Jamaica94

Meet David and his team at David Pinto’s Ceramic Art Studio.
Photography by Angela Auclair

The Luxurious Ensuite


Extraordinary design features were once reserved for living and dining rooms, presumably because this is where they could be admired. In contrast, today’s homeowner is committed to creating private rooms that pamper, with the bathroom being of prime importance. If you’re designing or redecorating a master ensuite, treat yourself to this well-deserved upgrade.

Richness of Water A revitalizing shower experience is the perfect start to the day. Look for a showerhead with invigorating jets for a rich and satisfying shower. Combined with a handshower, your bathroom will become the most luxurious room in the house.
Axor Citterio 3-Jet Showerhead, Handshower and Trim, CA$3,294, Hansgrohe
Read the entire article ‘Special Design Feature – The Luxurious Ensuite’ in Issue 10 of Dabble.

Taking the Plunge

Dabble Dare - Spa

“You’re sending me to Sibéria?”

Kathy Buckworth, our Dabble Dare contributor, has flown a plane, surfed the ocean and walked on stilts. This time, have we gone too far by sending her to Sibéria?

I have to admit, I was a little afraid. But, I soon discovered that Sibéria is a cold and remote country, but it’s also an amazing health spa in a cold and remote part of Québec. ‘What’s so daring about a spa?’ I wondered smugly.

The Dare: Plunge into freezing cold waters. (And have your photo taken in a towel.)

Dabble Dare - Spa2

The Sibéria Station Spa is located about twenty minutes outside Québec City and promises to leave visitors with an “unmatched sense of well-being.” After freezing you blue, of course.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a Nordic Spa, it is an experience where the bather alternates between hot and cold pools and relaxation periods. Having experienced it firsthand, I now know that Nordic Spa translates to, “pretty freakin’ freezing.”

As I change out of my perfectly warm, and appropriate, winter clothing into a fluffy white towel, I hear soothing French voices around me as other (warmer) visitors enjoy massages. Not for the first time I wonder, “Why can’t a massage be a dare?”

Although I am keen to reap the promised toxin cleansing results, I am more excited about the warm portions of the program. So, I start with a 10 minute sauna and allow my pores to open while toxins evacuate my body. (After a night on the town, this could get interesting.)

Dabble Dare - Spa11

All too soon, comes complete submersion in a cold pool, which purportedly rinses said toxins (Who gets to clean out that pool filter?) away and tightens my pores. Tight pores mean younger looking skin, right? I muster my courage.

With a last deep breath of the warm, cedar sauna air I dash out the door, through snow and ice to the cold pool. I’m not even in the water yet and my toes are freezing, icing up with each staccato step. Though I’m tempted to turn around and run back, I take the plunge and, “Oh my god. It is really, really cold!”

How long do I have to stay in here? The suggested 10 minutes seems like an hour but eventually time is up and I race back to the sauna and the feeling of goose bumps all over my body is soon replaced by a feeling of true bliss.

The verdict? Yes, it is cold. However, nothing is permanently damaged and I tell myself my pores have never looked better. So, I Dabble Dare you to try it out too.

Dabble Dare - Spa5

Try it!

Québec City, Québec

Toronto, Ontario

Blue Mountain, Whistler, Mont Tremblant