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On a recent visit to one of the friendliest cities in Canada, I had the chance to spend a day with designer, Nyla Free. The agenda? Great design shops, of course. Here are six of our faves.

1. Kit Interior Objects: Eames, Jacobsen, Bertoia—they’re all here. If mid-century modern is your vibe you’ve found the shop in Calgary to whet your appetite.


2. Maria Tomas: “The selection here is well curated,” says Nyla. She loves that you can shop here knowing you won’t risk coming home with a matched set of anything. The Maria Tomas team also travel extensively, so they manage to stay just ahead of the trends curve.


3. Cherry Four Junior Home: Have kids? Need to decorate? Then Cherry Four Junior Home is likely already on your list of must visit Calgary shops. The selection of bedding is youthful without being dull. We’re big fans of Robyn Millar’s Circle Art minimalist style paintings. The The lively circles introduce colour and style into the wee one’s room.


4. Domaine Fine Furnishings: I did some damage at Domaine. Who can blame me? The inventory is robust and the owner, Emily Sissons has a good eye. These oil barrel drums are just the kind of big industrial statement I wanted to make in my country house. I’ve since purchased them for a couple of clients who insisted they did not mind copying me!

5. Salvage: Owners Alykhan Velji (better known as Aly) and Kelly Kask are passionate about old, beautiful, well-loved items. They launched Salvage to bring reclaimed, reused and repurposed to home enthusiasts with a conscious. Saving solid building materials, salvaging cedar from doomed buildings or collecting antiques means more materials diverted from landfill. A noble cause indeed. We wish them well.

6. Cushy Life: Another shop with wide appeal, Nyla loves the setting at Cushy Life. Owners Michelle and Jonathan are nearly always on hand to provide insights into shoppers’ needs.

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