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Kimberley is a vibrant presence in the world of design, enjoying an international reputation as a designer, journalist, keynote speaker and broadcast personality.

Jerusalem, Israel

HDRtist HDR -

Located in the hills of Jerusalem, in the shadow of history, is a thoroughly modern boutique hotel. After a day touring some of the world’s most revered religious sites, the weary traveller can escape to an oasis of pampering in this burgeoning vineyard region. First time visitors to Jerusalem may want to add an extra day to the itinerary to enjoy the Cramin Hotel’s spa and fitness treatments or tour one of the neighbouring boutique wineries.

Dabble Savvy: To preserve the tranquil, relaxing atmosphere, only guests over 10 years of age are welcome.

Dome of the Rock and Western Wall - goisrael

ABOVE: Jerusalem—the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity and a sacred city for Muslims—attracts thousands of visitors each year. The devout come to worship, the curious to learn and the adventuresome to explore.

Child putting a note inside the Wailing Wall - Noam Chen

ABOVE: A young man touches the ancient stones in the sacred wailing wall.

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Top 5 Maltese Crafts

1- A craft that flourished under the Knights of Malta was gold and silver smithing. Today, Maltese goldsmiths continue to thrive, with the graphic Maltese cross being the most often requested item for purchase.

Dabble does Malta46

2- The unmistakeable and universal scent of wood shavings appeals to nearly every traditionalist. Wood carving is a thriving industry in Malta with traditional pieces often receiving a layer of gilding before they make their way to the shop floor.

Dabble Does Malta24

3- Tole painting, the art of adding elaborate designs to tin and metal serving pieces, is another thriving artform.

Dabble Savvy: Items that lay flat and are non-breakable qualify as ideal suitcase splurges. Save room when you pack.

Dabble does Malta40

4- Traditional weaving crafts such as lacemaking, basketry and wicker furniture production are widely visible on the islands.

Dabble does Malta43

5- A relatively new craft in Malta, glass blowing was introduced in the 1960s. Shops typically sport hand and mouth blown vases and bowls in bright Mediterranean colours.

Dabble does Malta41

Top 5 Vineyards in Niagara’s Wine Country

Spoiled for choice, it’s difficult to choose just five wineries, however, these were a 10-out-of-10 with team Dabble.

1- Fans of contemporary architecture will fall in love with Stratus Vineyards. The sleek interiors are wrapped in glass, providing visitors with stunning views of the vineyards and grapes. The wine is artfully displayed, the labelling is clean and sophisticated and the experience is superb.


Photography by Simon Burn

2- Another contemporary setting awaits the thirsty traveller at Jackson-Triggs Winery. “It’s likely you’ll want to anchor your Niagara visit with an event at Jackson-Triggs,” says Dabble E-I-C Kimberley Seldon. The Summer Concert series is a must, take a look at for all the details. Purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Dabble does Niagara3

Photography by Simon Burn

3- Glass in hand, gather near the outdoor pizza oven and wait for the basil drenched Margherita to emerge and you too will love a visit to the Good Earth Food and Wine Co.

Dabble does Niagara65

Photography by Simon Burn

4- Before you book your visit, make sure Jason Parsons is in the kitchen. His mad culinary gifts, paired perfectly with the offerings at Peller Estates Winery are sheer genius.

Peller Estates2

Photography by Simon Burn

5- Though diminutive in scale Lailey Vineyard delivers substantially when it comes to wine tasting.


Kimberley’s Fave Design Store in Calgary



On a recent visit to one of the friendliest cities in Canada, I had the chance to spend a day with designer, Nyla Free. The agenda? Great design shops, of course. Here are six of our faves.

1. Kit Interior Objects: Eames, Jacobsen, Bertoia—they’re all here. If mid-century modern is your vibe you’ve found the shop in Calgary to whet your appetite.


2. Maria Tomas: “The selection here is well curated,” says Nyla. She loves that you can shop here knowing you won’t risk coming home with a matched set of anything. The Maria Tomas team also travel extensively, so they manage to stay just ahead of the trends curve.


3. Cherry Four Junior Home: Have kids? Need to decorate? Then Cherry Four Junior Home is likely already on your list of must visit Calgary shops. The selection of bedding is youthful without being dull. We’re big fans of Robyn Millar’s Circle Art minimalist style paintings. The The lively circles introduce colour and style into the wee one’s room.


4. Domaine Fine Furnishings: I did some damage at Domaine. Who can blame me? The inventory is robust and the owner, Emily Sissons has a good eye. These oil barrel drums are just the kind of big industrial statement I wanted to make in my country house. I’ve since purchased them for a couple of clients who insisted they did not mind copying me!

5. Salvage: Owners Alykhan Velji (better known as Aly) and Kelly Kask are passionate about old, beautiful, well-loved items. They launched Salvage to bring reclaimed, reused and repurposed to home enthusiasts with a conscious. Saving solid building materials, salvaging cedar from doomed buildings or collecting antiques means more materials diverted from landfill. A noble cause indeed. We wish them well.

6. Cushy Life: Another shop with wide appeal, Nyla loves the setting at Cushy Life. Owners Michelle and Jonathan are nearly always on hand to provide insights into shoppers’ needs.

There’s A Party Brewing in Creemore

Saturday, August 23rd 2014. Noon to 6pm. Rain or Shine.

Come on down this Saturday, August 23 and meet celeb emcee Kevin Brauch of the Iron Chef US. He’s taming two teams (some of Ontario’s most gifted chefs, local farmers and community members) as they face off in culinary combat. Then, National Post food columnist, Bonnie Stern dishes out some prizes.

Presented as part of Creemore Springs Brewery’s annual Copper Kettle Festival, the teams, helmed by acclaimed chefs Rodney Bowers and Donna Dooher, will each create one delicious recipe using local, seasonal ingredients and of course, a selection of Creemore beer.  For more info:

As long as you’re visiting, pop into some of the fun shops. Victorian Values, Seasons, and the General Store are sure to please design enthusiasts.

And, all that shopping will probably leave you hungry for dinner. No problem. Creemore has a serious food scene—something for every palate.

Dabble hopes to see you this weekend in Creemore.

Bed Styling 101 – Part 1

We all have our own bed styling preferences: sometimes a ruler is involved for precise blanket measurements, and sometimes it involves merely tossing your sheets over the pillows to disguise a post-sleep sheet mess. Whatever your go-to is, there’s some essential design points to consider for your comfiest (and most stylish) sleep!

If you didn’t already guess, our own Kimberley Seldon has a few tricks up her sleeve to tackle pristine bed styling — and who knew there are so many different (and incredibly creative!) ways to do it up? Kimberley takes us through the most important elements your bed should have, plus she shares her expert tips on choosing the right pieces to suit your particular style.

Originally aired on Cityline on July 3, 2014.

Industrial Fusion

We always love when a stylist mixes and matches contrasting styles, and of course our expert Kimberley Seldon executes it perfectly! The industrial look has been making major waves in homes, giving blah spaces a modern, rustic edge. However, we want to avoid making our homes look too industrial. The idea of this design is to capture that rough, masculine vibe and mix it with a warm feel—it’s a challenging balance, to be sure. Well folks, it is possible to achieve thanks to Kimberley’s newly-coined design term, “Industrial Fusion.” Step aside, concrete-esque décor and welcome in those bright feminine touches to really spice up your space.

Originally aired on on June 5, 2014.

The Do’s & Dont’s of Outdoor Decorating

Originally aired on on May 20, 2014.

Frame Your Art

Want an inexpensive way to update the art in your home? Why not try some DIY projects?

Kimberley Seldon shows us three easy projects, including using Washi tape as a frame, a clever way to use up beautiful wallpaper scraps, and a stunning framed butterfly piece with supplies bought from the dollar store!

See how you can re-create these projects at home by watching this video.

Originally aired on on May 20, 2014.

Mitzpe Ramon, Israel


Beresheet Hotel

As I contemplate a description of the Mitzpe Ramon Crater and adjacent Beresheet Hotel, dear reader, I fear you’ll roll your eyes. After all, isn’t it just a tad clichéd to describe a destination or a hotel as breathtaking? Or, out of this world? If I say the setting is an unparalleled phenomenon (I stole this from the website) would you believe me? How about this? We drove for hours through the Israeli desert and found ourselves at the mouth of a mirage!

Neither words nor pictures do it justice. I can only say I know (and can’t wait) to return one day soon.

Qumran Cave​ - Alberto Peral

Eilat & Red Sea, Israel

ריף הדולפינים, אילת

If you think Israel is all history and no play, think again. Locals are quick to point to Eilat as an oasis, a romping vacation destination.

Wedged between Akaba, Jordan to the east and the Egyptian Sinai desert to the west, Eilat was historically a trade route. Jewelry lovers will also delight in this little fact—it’s the only place on earth where the Eilat or King Solomon stone is mined.

Eilat Red Sea - Dafna Tal​

Tel Aviv, Israel

Jaffa is one of the oldest ports in the world, with ruins dating back to the Bronze Age. Today, it’s a thriving destination for visitors and locals alike.

Tel Aviv at 100

ABOVE: The Tel Aviv boardwalk is a hub of activity during warm weather months.

Market on Tel Aviv - Nahalat Binyamin

ABOVE: Arts and crafts at Nahalat Binyamin market.

Portrait of a young woman - Dana Friedlander

Jaffa Floating Orange Tree - goisrael

ABOVE: This modern work of art, the Suspended Tree, is a popular attraction in a neighbourhood filled with wonder.