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La Vida Activa – Staying Healthy in San Juan

Puerto Rico Yoga

Staying healthy in San Juan takes some effort, especially when local delicacies are deliciously fried. Dabble’s guide and puertorriqueña Ana Dapena keeps her long limbs toned and her mind serene by living la vida activa. 

Ashtanga vinyasa classes at It’s Yoga are a joyful experience thanks to the open air studio and lyrical chanting of instructor Valerie Santiago. A $17 drop-in fee nets a mat to use and a bottle of water.

Wheeling to work is somewhat dangerous with weekday traffic, but weekend excursions are a joy. Piñones has a six-mile trail through pine forest and past ocean views. For an extensive list of bike trails online, try Single Tracks.

“At low tide there’s more playing field,” jokes Ana, who explains why she wears a watch that tracks such things. Come to Ocean Park beach on any weekend and you’re sure to find a paddleball companion.

Puerto Rico Paddle Ball

ABOVE: Ana Dapena and Adelisa Gonzalez enjoy a game of paddleball in Ocean Park.

The former national and professional volleyball player says the summer tournaments at Ocean Park and Condado beach attract a larger number of fans. New friends are always welcome.

Healthful Eats

The setting at Sushi Nagoya is unspectacular, but the sashimi and sushi are fresh and light.

At Pure and Natural expect a great veggie burger and island-slow service.

Satisfy a craving for green salad with a visit to the Sidewalk Café at La Concha Hotel.

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