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  • The sofas with fabric from Kravet are custom through Elle Design. The stone top coffee tables are from Ethan Allen. Wall colour, Pittsburgh Paints Ostrich Feather.
  • Dining Chairs custom through Elle Design, fabrics by JF fabrics and Kravet. Dining Table and Sideboard custom through Modern Country Interiors. Lighting custom Zia Priven light through Stonegate Designs. Mirror Chintz & Co.
  • "Not everything has to be the star in a room. Some finishes and elements are supporting players. Pick your focus." ~ Leanne

“There’s no greater compliment to a designer than being asked to do a second (or third) project for a client,” says LeAnne Bunnell of Elle Design in Calgary.

When repeat customers hired interior designer LeAnne Bunnell to transform an intended bachelor pad into a comfortable family home they knew they were in great hands. After all, they’d worked with LeAnne before and were confident she had the skill to bring their design and lifestyle visions to life.

Were they pleased? They’re already working on their next project together.

The living room is open to the kitchen and provides access to the backyard. LeAnne resisted any temptation to make this room “formal” as the family wanted a cozy space for casual entertaining.

The beadboard ceiling and textured grass cloth walls emphasize the more traditional elements of the design while providing a comfortable atmosphere for adult or family entertaining. The fabrics are all washable.

“Dining rooms should be used frequently. Obviously for eating, but also for making family memories.”

Photography by Adrian Shellard

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Kimberley Seldon shares her tips on combining fabric patterns in you room!

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DIY Guy: Easy Headboard

DIY - Headboard

“The bed is the focal point of any bedroom,” says Dabble’s DIY Guy, Nicholas Rosaci, “so give it the attention it deserves with a chic headboard makeover.”


– 30”h x 60″w x 2″d artist’s canvas on wooden support frame (for queen-sized bed )
– Fabric (45″x 75″)
– Cotton batting, cut to the same size as the fabric—available at fabric craft stores
– Staple gun
– Flush mount picture frame hangers (cleats) —from hardware store


– ½”foam cut the same size as the canvas—from fabric craft stores
– 1½”wide ribbon (5½ yards)
– 1½” clear, heavy-duty double sided tape, no wider than ribbon


Cut the batting and foam (optional) to match the size of the fabric, 45″ x 75″.

Position batting flat on the floor and center foam onto batting. Centre the canvas face down onto the foam. Stretch the batting firmly to the back wooden edge of the canvas and staple it to the canvas’s wood frame. Space staples approximately 2″ apart.

DIY - Headboard2

Once batting is in place, repeat the second step using fabric instead of batting. (Nicholas used a taupe cotton fabric with a mid-weight, linen texture.) Ensure fabric is tightly stretched and smooth over the canvas front. Staple the corners, carefully folding the fabric to make neat and consistent edges, as though you were wrapping a gift.

DIY - Corner

Using colourful ribbon, it’s possible to style the headboard in a variety of ways. For this project, Nicholas striped three sides of the headboard, 3″ from the outer edges. To create neat corners, fold the ends of the ribbon on a 45° angle and iron the edges. Apply the double-sided tape to the back of the ribbon and press firmly into place.

DIY - Iron

Position the headboard 1″ above mattress height and level it to mark the wall for the mounting cleats. Double check that the marks are level. Then install the cleats properly into the wall, verify the distance between cleats and mount them on the top corners of the headboard frame. Slide the headboard onto the wall cleats to lock into place.

DIY - Hardware