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CONTEST: Williams Sofa from the Glen & Jamie Designer Collection – Winner Selected

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Win a custom Williams Sofa From the Glen & Jamie Designer Collection!
Customize the Williams Sofa (80W x 36D x 38H) with your favourite fabric! Pick the colour and texture that suits your living room.

Each piece from the Glen & Jamie Collection is as unique as its name, and has been built to ensure that the design adapts to the way we live today as a family and are in line with the current North American aesthetic.

Value: CA$2,600
Courtesy Glen & Jamie 

Winner Selected:

Congratulations to Dale Kearns!

Contest closed September 25th, 2014 (Ontario)


Calgary Living

  • The sofas with fabric from Kravet are custom through Elle Design. The stone top coffee tables are from Ethan Allen. Wall colour, Pittsburgh Paints Ostrich Feather.
  • Dining Chairs custom through Elle Design, fabrics by JF fabrics and Kravet. Dining Table and Sideboard custom through Modern Country Interiors. Lighting custom Zia Priven light through Stonegate Designs. Mirror Chintz & Co.
  • "Not everything has to be the star in a room. Some finishes and elements are supporting players. Pick your focus." ~ Leanne

“There’s no greater compliment to a designer than being asked to do a second (or third) project for a client,” says LeAnne Bunnell of Elle Design in Calgary.

When repeat customers hired interior designer LeAnne Bunnell to transform an intended bachelor pad into a comfortable family home they knew they were in great hands. After all, they’d worked with LeAnne before and were confident she had the skill to bring their design and lifestyle visions to life.

Were they pleased? They’re already working on their next project together.

The living room is open to the kitchen and provides access to the backyard. LeAnne resisted any temptation to make this room “formal” as the family wanted a cozy space for casual entertaining.

The beadboard ceiling and textured grass cloth walls emphasize the more traditional elements of the design while providing a comfortable atmosphere for adult or family entertaining. The fabrics are all washable.

“Dining rooms should be used frequently. Obviously for eating, but also for making family memories.”

Photography by Adrian Shellard

Smartsizing: Tips to Maximize Space


Watch Cityline Homeday, March 20, 2014
Set provided by Decorium

Maximizing Space:

  • Built-ins and modular furniture maximize storage. Use as much vertical and horizontal space as possible. Contain clutter and maximize space with book shelves.
  • Add mirror to make space look larger.
  • A monochromatic colour scheme visually enlarges a space. When all colours are close in tone and value there is no contrast so the eye is able to move through a room uninterrupted which creates the illusion of additional space.
  • Multipurpose (double-duty) furniture creates flexibility within a space. Make sure furniture serves more than one function. Daybed which can be a sofa but also a bed for guest to sleep on. A coffee table that rises to eating height. Console tables that can be pushed together to form dining table.
  • Use chairs rather than sofas for maximum flexibility. They require less space and can be moved around more easily.
    Consider a Murphy bed in small spaces.
  • Avoid sectional. With a sectional you are limited by the way it can be positioned. Sectionals are also more difficult to get in elevators.
  • Use an island. Something on wheels that can be moved around as counter space or a place to store items.

Cityline set provided by Decorium

Less is More? Which way do you Dabble?


Sure. We can appreciate the purity of a room with no visual distractions. But we can also appreciate a room that’s actually decorated.

Who’s having more fun? The spare and disciplined? Or those who surrender to colour,  pattern and accessories?


Which way do you Dabble?