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Kitchen Trends

On Trend Kitchens

With summer’s departure we are powering down the grill and returning to the kitchen. These design tips, courtesy of AyA Kitchens and Baths, are sure to create a space that’s hot, hot, hot.

Mix Cabinetry

A mix of cabinet materials creates a dynamic setting for cooking and entertaining. “We’re seeing wood become prevalent in the home for the upcoming season because of it’s warm, natural and timeless esthetic. Wood also complements white kitchens very well,” says Dave Marcus, President, AyA Kitchens and Baths.


Soften Traditional

Traditional interiors continue to benefit from the addition of a couple of well-placed contemporary elements. In this handsome kitchen, the upholstered barstools contrast the light cabinetry. Notice the slimmer countertop profile—something we’ll see more of in the next few years. We also installed a single handle pulldown kitchen faucet which everyone loves because it makes doing dishes so much easier.

Dabble Savvy: The darker the floor, the more formal the space.


Rustic Roast

Industrial elements  such as stainless steel and metal are softened and enhanced by contrasting with raw wood.  The yin and yang keep the look fresh.

AyA Showroom

Classic Cool

Classic doesn’t mean stale. Iconic furnishings and fixtures have staying power—you’ll love them for years.


Cooking with Colour

White may be the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets but it’s far from the only choice. Why not cut loose and show some real personality with a bold choice like this red?


Hidden Function

When the in-laws come over, keep them guessing? Does she even own a toaster oven?
Dabble Savvy: Have a professional electrician install all appliances and outlets. Those hidden from view often require additional shut off valves for safety.


About AyA Kitchens and Baths

AyA Kitchens and Baths is the ultimate cabinetry resource, offering diversity and quality, mass customization and high design. Every AyA kitchen is designed and made-to-order, resulting in a local, tailor-made product at a competitive price. AyA offers a selection of more than 2,000 cabinetry variations, ranging from urban to classic. There are showroom locations across North America to help create the ultimate living space.

Visit AyA Kitchens and Baths for more information.



  • Furnishings, like the bamboo and wicker drumtables and stone coffee table are simple and organic in shape. Classic Panton chairs tuck under the dark wood chess tables.
  • Black frames on a white bead board wall display images of Bond author, Ian Fleming at GoldenEye.
  • The unassuming white-washed bungalow with cedar shingles is perched atop an oceanfront cliff that leads to a private beach.
  • Sustainable wood furniture connects the interior to nature.
  • The textured ceiling gives the whitewashed interior a more intimate scale.
  • As the author said himself, “Don’t on any account fool around too much with colours. Keep everything white inside.”
  • Fleming's original desk (the one at which he wrote 14 James Bond novels) still resides at GoldenEye.
  • The villa also features a private outdoor spa bathroom surrounded by tropical foliage, blooming trees and bamboo fences.


Industry Profile: Karim Rashid

Industry Profile - Karim Rashid3

You name it and he’s designed it. Over 3,000 designs in production, countless awards and numerous collections for some of the world’s best known companies.

Dabble talks design aspirations and dreams with Karim ― and asks for insights on the power of pink.

1- DAB: What is your greatest source of inspiration when it comes to designing
furniture, products and interiors?
KR: Every project is different and has its own set of inspirations. And since my work touches every aspect of daily life, it is hard to summarize in just a few words. But in general, I am inspired from the criteria of the project. Limitations and restrictions many times make me more creative. I always say that don’t see things as problems, I see them as opportunities. And I am inspired from our milieu, the time in which we live, our daily social lives, our human interaction and behaviors, the prevailing technologies, the new materials and my dreams of the utopian world I would like to live in.

2- DAB: What is on your design bucket list?
KR: On my list is to design private houses, design a museum, design low-income dwellings, design an electric car, have a Karim fashion clothing line, and I would like to work with companies such as adidas, LG, Bose, Boeing, Bang & Oulfsen, Ferrero Italy, H&M, T-Fal,Numark, Conair, Bionnare, Johnson & Johnson, Kartell, Herman Miller, Braun, IKEA, Vitra, Fiat, Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Fornarina, and too many others to list… I think they all make intelligent products but some lack real human connections and my language and philosophy could really help shape their brand-future. And I would like to design a bucket for Rubbermaid for my list ….haha.

3- DAB: Having created so many interesting spaces, is there one that you feel especially fond of?
KR: My first hotel I designed is in Athens, Greece. Completing the Semiramis hotel in Athens in 2004 gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment because I realized that beyond an object, I can design an experiential living organism. It afforded me to design over 100 interiors since then. Recently I designed the Nhow hotel in Berlin which became an extension of the Semiramis concept where I design a living experience from micro to macro. I am so proud of them both and hear constantly from people that they feel so complete, comfortable, but inspired staying at these hotels.

4- DAB: How do you redefine yourself and stay in the now?
KR: I try to stay free from outside sources. I try and think that I am not form this planet and observe the world in the most objective way possible. I like to relax by the pool at our new home in Miami Beach. I sneak in a day or two to relax and work on my physical and mental and spiritual health. I am writing my new book, sketching, painting, listening to music, watching rare films, sun tanning, sleeping, and dreaming and thinking about the world, about love, about people, about peace, about beauty, and about one romantic engaging fulgent energetic seductive inspiring place we call earth.

031.tif Neigaard photo2120.tif

BoConcept’s Ottawa Collection was designed by Karim Rashid and came out Spring 2012. The collection features the light grey felt and grass green Ottawa Chair (LEFT) from the dining collection and the Espresso Cups.

5- DAB: You wear a lot of pink and white. When it comes to design, what’s your fave combo?

KR: There are really millions of colors so it is ridiculous in this life to have a single favorite of anything – favorite song, favorite book. The beauty of this farrago in life is the broad diversity and choice of everything. But I do love pink and techno colors—colors that have a vibrancy and energy of our digital world. I use colors to create and work with the experience, or the human engagement of that certain task or function.

6- DAB: What’s the secret to using bold colors in a space?
KR: I feel that we should be open-minded to explore, play, interchange, colors. I like a kaleidoscopic environment or a confetti of color! I use pink and acid colors often as well as florescent colors to speak about this digital age, as if the colors popped out of my computer. But at the same time, in a blank white space there is nothing more energetic and exciting than a burst of color within a monochromatic environment. Color is one of the most beautiful phenomena of our existence. It is a spiritual phenomenological euphoria.

7- DAB: How can design enrich a person’s life?
KR: I try to develop objects and spaces to be inspiring, so one can feel a moment of being truly alive. I design objects and spaces as de-stressors—objects that bring enjoyment, not encumbrances, that simplify tasks and increase our level of engagement. Our lives are elevated when we experience beauty, comfort, luxury, performance, and utility seamlessly together. Design must evolve us – and create a beautification and betterment for society.

A Tour of the White House

Image Credit White House Museum

Image Credit White House Museum

American royalty, the White House is arguably the most iconic home in the US.

1.5 million visitors tour the White House each year, but they see only a handful of the 140+ ground and mansion areas. It is broken down into three sections, the East Wing where the Emergency Operations Center resides, the West Wing, where the Situation room is, and the Residence, a four-story living space.

In total, the White House has 132 rooms, including 16 family-guest rooms, 1 main kitchen, 1 diet kitchen, 1 family kitchen, and 35 bathrooms totaling approximately 55,000 sq.ft. It also features 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplace mantels, 8 staircases, and 3 elevators.

During the War of 1812, the White House was completely demolished by fire with most of the valuables being ransacked by British troops, leaving only the exterior walls standing. President Madison hired architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe and Hoban to lead the charge on the rebuilding project. When Teddy Roosevelt came to office in 1902, he decided the White House needed to be expanded and modernized due to overcrowding and an outdated appearance. He selected McKim, Mead & White to remove the Tiffany screen and all Victorian additions and replace everything with a neoclassical style that wasn’t popular with most subsequent Presidents.

Out of respect for the historical value of the house, no substantive architectural changes have been made since, but many have taken turns redecorating and refurbishing to make the residence more in tune with their personal style. Jackie Kennedy, who decorated all the rooms by theme and periods of world history, made some of the most significant changes.

We’re here to give you a quick tour of some of the most interesting interior design features of America’s first family.

Blue Room
The center of the State Floor, the Blue Room is known for its breathtaking view over the South Lawn and oval shape, the perfect area to receive guests. The elliptical saloon was decorated in the French Empire style by President Monroe with its most striking element an early 19th century gilded-wood and glass chandelier encircled with acanthus leaves. Blue satin geometric draperies are hung with a border of gold rosettes that match an equally extravagant carpet. Furnishings are heavily corniced and the ceiling is painted in fresco, adding to the richness of the space.

The Blue Room

The Blue Room, 2009 (Image Credit: Reuters)

Oval Office
The President’s formal workspace, the Oval Office has hosted a number of important diplomats, dignitaries and heads of state through the years. Each President has decorated the room to suit his tastes, but the most consistent features that remain include a white marble mantel that’s been there since 1909, two flags, and the famous Presidential seal on the ceiling.

The Oval Office

The Oval Office, 2010 (Image Credit BBC – Reuters)

Vermeil Room
Also known as the “Gold Room,” the Vermeil room serves as a display room and, for formal occasions, a ladies sitting room. More subtle and feminine than most of the other rooms, soft yellow paneled walls accent a collection of vermeil, gold-plated silver, a gift from Margaret Thompson Biddle. The carpet is a Turkish Hereke from around 1860, chosen for its pale green background and gold silk hues. Other prominent accents include early 19th century mahogany pieces like a circular table and a pier table, plus an impressive ten-armed cut-glass chandelier and scroll sofa.

The Vermeil Room

Vermeil Room, 2008 (Image Credit: Architectural Digest)


Green Room
Originally envisioned to be the “Common Dining Room,” the Green Room has served many purposes over the years from lodging to entertaining. Still featuring green water silk-lined fabric chosen by the Kennedys in 1971, draperies of striped beige, green and coral satin adorn the walls of the Presidential Parlor. All the accessories are gilded and ornate including a pair of hand-carved American eagles, a favorite decorative motif of the Federal period.

The Green Room

Green Room, 2008 (Image Credit: Architectural Digest)

Lincoln Bedroom

In a room Lincoln never actually slept in, the Lincoln Bedroom is part of a suite of rooms that hosts overnight guests and political supporters. It has been furnished in Victorian style since the Truman renovation and is rumored to be haunted. Famous furniture includes a commanding 8 by 6’ rosewood bed with canopy, slipper chairs, sofa, and cabinet chairs. Featured prominently on the desk is one of only five holographic copies of the Gettysburg Address. The room was updated in 2004 with an opulent white marble mantel, canopy carved in the shape of a crown, and deep emerald green, yellow and purple draperies.

Lincoln's Bedroom, 2007 (Image Credit: Newsweek - Gary Fabiano)

Lincoln’s Bedroom, 2007 (Image Credit: Newsweek – Gary Fabiano)

Snow White Kitchen


We love this all white kitchen designed by LA’s Erinn Valencich. The curvy counter and mirrored mosaics are a playful counterpoint to the handsome lines of the cabinetry and sliding doors.

Question: Does an all-white kitchen work in climates where there’s snow on the ground for 4-6 months of the year?


The Perfect Bathroom


Everyone has a preferred method of recovering after a long day of work. For many, a steamy shower or decadent soak in the tub clears the mind and recharges the body. Since we use this vital space to prepare for a good night’s rest and to reinvigorate the senses each morning, we asked influential bloggers about their own secrets to a perfect bathroom. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Sarah Swanson from Flourish Design and Style says: ‘White, white and white! Clean, crisp and fresh marble tiles, crisp towels and creamy walls.’ 

Vanessa Francis from Decor Happy says: ‘If you share the bathroom with your spouse/partner, two sinks are mandatory!’

Sarah Hepburn-Smith from Redesigning Sarah says: ‘A good showerhead with adjustable settings means luxury. I can spend hours in the shower and I love the feeling of a consistent, hard spray of water.’

Read the latest issue to find out what other bloggers have to say.

A Turquoise Wonderland


Dabble digs KORHANI Home’s area rugs and tree sets for the holiday season. A the full-skirted white-flocked 7-foot tree creates a winter wonderland with its glittery silver and blue palette.

KORHANI Home Christmas Tree Set – Turquoise Wonderland
Tree Set: $350*
*Set includes pre-lit tree, decorations, tree skirt and free shipping.
63’ x 89’ Rug: $70 (plus free shipping)The Christmas tree sets come in three themes, including Turquoise Wonderland, Avantgarde Craft and Opulence.
Visit KORHANI home for more information or to purchase a Christmas tree set: www.korhani.com

The Right White


There isn’t just one white that’s right for everything, but there’s a white that’s right for you,’ says Kimberley Seldon.

Kimberley used Ballet White OC-9 for this bookcase, but here are 5 other Benjamin Moore colours she loves:

Paper Mache AF-25
Cloud White OC-130
Chantilly Lace OC-65
Floral White OC-29
Ice Milk CSP-1025
Decorators White CC-20

The Right White

Explore the nuances of the many shades of white and how their various undertones harmonize with other colours in your room. Kimberley shows you how to use some of her favourite Benjamin Moore white paint colours to complement a variety of colour schemes.

Red, White & Green

  • Pine Adirondack chairs—painted “Mountain Stream” from Pittsburgh Paints—sit sentry year round on the wraparound porch.
  • Simple parson chairs strike a festive pose when tied with a bright red ribbon and decked with humble ornaments.
  • Lynnette uses white Stargazer lilies throughout the home as a reminder of Christmas in New Zealand, where people typically decorate for the holidays with an abundance of fresh cut flowers.

Lynnette and Mitchell Eisen created a family home that combines elements of their respective childhoods—hers, beach front New Zealand, and his, a wraparound porch in Toronto. The charming result is a practical home that welcomes family and friends with natural light and and casual comfort.

“Find something from nature like the bark on a tree, or a sentimental decoration, and use that as inspiration. Be creative and let the design reflect your individuality.” ~Lynnette 

Winter whites and natural earth tones bring nature’s palette indoors. The effect is enhanced by large windows that make the connection stronger still, infusing the country home with natural light.

Black and White Inspiration


Showcasing 35 fabulous black and white contemporary interiors, Freshome pays tribute to this unique combination. For those of you considering designing your space in black and white, here’s your inspiration. We selected 4 of our favourites from their list.

From lacquered furniture to original-shaped decorating elements, these decors are sure to surprise and trigger the creativity of the viewer. Enjoy the refinement and elegance exuded by the black and white interiors below.


ABOVE: Add touch of bold to a simple palette.


ABOVE: A strict black and white bedroom.


ABOVE: A minimalist space.

For more inspiring black and white design, visit freshome.com.

Snap, Crackle, Pop


Get inspired by the pop art colours designer Bill Bocken uses to furnish this beachside condo for empty nesters.

The double chaise lounge by Ligne Roset, accentuated with a poppy red throw, is ideal for afternoon reading.


The master bedroom boasts bright blue bedding and black on white accent pillows. Oh, and did you notice the ocean views reflected in the mirrored cabinet? Nice.

To view the full home tour, check out: Snap Crackle Pop, Issue 3 July/Aug 2011.