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Bed Styling 101 – Part 1

We all have our own bed styling preferences: sometimes a ruler is involved for precise blanket measurements, and sometimes it involves merely tossing your sheets over the pillows to disguise a post-sleep sheet mess. Whatever your go-to is, there’s some essential design points to consider for your comfiest (and most stylish) sleep!

If you didn’t already guess, our own Kimberley Seldon has a few tricks up her sleeve to tackle pristine bed styling — and who knew there are so many different (and incredibly creative!) ways to do it up? Kimberley takes us through the most important elements your bed should have, plus she shares her expert tips on choosing the right pieces to suit your particular style.

Originally aired on Cityline on July 3, 2014.

Tips to Planning a Bathroom Reno

Kimberley Bathroom Segment2

Kimberley Seldon – Tips to Planning a Bathroom Renovation
(Originally aired February 20th, 2014)


Tips to Planning a Bathroom Renovation:

– A bathroom may be a small space, but there are plenty of small bathroom design ideas.

– If you’re buying a bathtub, for this Mckinney Texas plumber, the best advice is to make sure you sit in the one that you are going to purchase beforehand to see if it is comfortable. Apparently , many people make this mistake, thank for the advice!

– Collect images from Pinterest and Houzz and then determine a realistic budget.

– Determine which trades you will need and when (plumber, tiler, electrician to put in the electricity switchboard, vanity maker, etc.)

– Remember to keep a  10-20% contingency fee for unforeseen problems.

For more of Kimberley’s tips on planning a bathroom renovation visit Cityline

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Perfectly Organized Bookshelves


After sharing our take (well, 3 takes to be exact) on how to really organize those bookshelves, we went on the hunt for more inspiration. This post by guest blogger Amanda Burdge of AB Home Interiors Blog is just what we were looking for.

Perfectly Organized Bookshelves

I cannot tell you how many bookshelves I have styled over the years. Like candy coated pipe dreams, clients organize, shuffle and shove everything into less than Martha Stewart perfection.

So how on earth do we come up with our brilliant creations? It isn’t complete rocket science (well, maybe), but designers do look first at the shelf, the color, the style, and finally how those books relate to the whole. From there we start sorting like creative scientists gone mad! Expertly master-minding where and how each piece will fit into the puzzle.

Beautiful Matching Books

These suckers are hard to come by. Gone are the days of encyclopedias, thanks in big part to the information highway. But you can find beautiful sets of encyclopedias at vintage bookstores, and antique malls. Books that are the same size, and color are pleasing to the eye and create a resting point. Not to mention it grounds the shelves visually so the overall look is easy to read.

Add Accessories

To help break up the monotony of book after book, add accessories for visual interest. It is also a great place to display prized mementos to show off to your guests.


Colour Palette

Keep books and accessories with in a particular color palette, that matches your existing furnishings. By keeping everything in the same color palette the bookshelf makes sense.


Honour Thy Books

If you love books, and have more than you care to give away, devote an entire room that respects and honors your collection. If the shelves can’t be simplified, create a simplified room that is pleasant and easy. Get rid of all the clutter and allow the books to be the focal point.

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